New 'Evening News' Producer Praised Dan Rather For Balance, Accuracy

UPDATE (10:46 EST): Kaplan is, of course, an old Bill Clinton buddy. But beyond that, he defended former CBS "Evening News" anchor Dan Rather well after the Memogate scandal as a "balanced and accurate" journalist.

Noted MRC Vice President and NewsBusters Editor Brent Baker in his Oct. 4, 2005, "CyberAlert":

MSNBC President Rick Kaplan, a former executive at ABC and CNN,
asserted that "Dan was meticulously careful to be fair and balanced and
accurate" during his career. Kaplan then lashed out: "When did we allow
those with questionable agendas to take the lead and convince people of
something quite the opposite? It's shameful." Kaplan went so far to
declare that Rather's "legacy" is "the gold standard journalists today
have struggled to live up to."

Rick Kaplan is the new executive producer for the CBS "Evening News."

For more, check PublicEye.

UPDATE (15:41 EST): The Moderate Voice has a nice take on the staff shakeup, along with a humorous pic of Katie Couric.

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