Hersh: Bush World's Biggest Worry

If there were any doubt as to the degree to which the MSM loathes and distrusts President Bush, it should be dispelled by the performance of Sy Hersh on today's Hardball and the way he was applauded by Chris Matthews. At the end of Hersh's appearance, Matthews put this question to the investigative reporter:

"What's your biggest worry in the world? Is it Iran? Is it this administration going to war with Iran? Is it a civil war in Iraq? Is it Musharraf's inability to fight the Taliban on his own soil? What's your biggest worry?"

Hersh was nothing if not succinct: "George Bush."

View video here.

Consider that for a moment. Not Iran, with its program to develop nuclear weapons. Not the fact that the resurgence of the Taliban could potentially give Al-Qaeda the platform for another attack on the US. No, the biggest threat to the world in Sy Hersh's mind is the President of the United States.

Did Matthews challenge this slander? To the contrary. Said the MSNBC host: "He's always fascinating because he's always right."

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