Walter Cronkite Opposes Religious Influence in Government

There’s a new national campaign called “First Amendment First” that is looking to eliminate the influence that religion and religious groups have in setting policy and impacting elections. On Friday, former CBS anchorman Walter Cronkite endorsed their views.

As reported by MediaNews (emphasis mine throughout):

Alarmed by what they see as religious groups' growing influence on government policy, a consortium has launched a public awareness campaign to defend the First Amendment's vow that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."

The article continued:

"That cherished freedom is under severe attack," the Rev. Welton Gaddy said before an audience of about 700 people in San Jose. Friday's event included an appearance by newsman Walter Cronkite, who endorsed the new national campaign called First Amendment First.

Isn’t that special? This is what the campaign advocates:

It calls for houses of worship to stop endorsing political candidates and for states' tax dollars not to go to any charity that discriminates in its hiring or requires people hold a certain faith to receive services.

It also says science and health policies should be based on scientific data, "not religious doctrine," and that schools shouldn't promote any religious preference.

Hmmm. Why is it that liberals are always attacking any groups that typically support Republican candidates, but have absolutely no problem with the incredible political might wielded by America’s labor unions?

Regardless, the article concluded: “Religion and politics are both important, said Cronkite, but 'we ought to be able to concentrate on each of those without crossing the two of them.'"

C’mon. Enough of the double-speak. Tell us what you really mean, Walter: America needs to legally prevent any group that supports Republican causes and candidates from being allowed to do so.

There. Don’t you feel better just speaking the truth?

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