Vieira Jokes: I Would Have Shot Myself Before Trying to Rein In Rosie O'Donnell

It didn't have much to do with liberal bias, but I found it interesting in Meredith Vieira's CNBC interview when Michael Eisner asked her in the first few minutes about how hard it was to referee the differing opinions on "The View" on ABC. He even asked about how Vieira would have handled Rosie:

Eisner: "How would you have done it if you had been in that same position and Rosie O'Donnell just came in to replace Star Jones. Could you control her?"

Vieira: (Laughs) "I was gonna say I would have gone out into the alley with a gun –" (Laughs more)

Eisner: "Harder."

Vieira: "-- And done away with me. Oh, yeah. I mean, again, extremely strong-minded, very opinionated person, and that's what the show is about. But it’s hard to rein people in."

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