Darfur Warriors of the Boston Globe

Last week
it was George Clooney, with some timely cheerleading from ABC's Kate Snow, making the case for intervention in Darfur. Today, those bellicose boys of the Boston Globe jump on the Great Liberal War-in-Darfur bandwagon.

In its editorial of this morning, the Globe lambastes "the great powers" for failing to take "effective action" to stop the killing and for "refusing to rescue the men, women, and children who are marked for death in the coming year."

Why it demands US intervention in this war between rival Muslim factions, but condemns US intervention in a conflict between rival Muslim factions in Iraq, the Globe never explains.

More proof for the adage: liberals will support American intevention - so long as US national security interests are not at stake.

Finkelstein recently returned from a trip to Iraq. Contact him at mark@gunhill.net

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