Vieira To Hillary: Your Big-Government Plans 'More Imperative' Than Ever

That's Meredith Vieira beaming at Hillary Clinton on this morning's Today. Someone might suggest to Meredith that when trying to ingratiate oneself with Hillary, it's advisable to avoid words bringing "imperious" to mind. But if the execution was flawed, no one can deny the fervor with which Vieira endorsed Hillary's paean to big-government, 'It Takes A Village'. Here's how Vieira opened the interview:

"I want to start with 'It Takes a Village' '07 because this book came out ten years ago, and a lot has happened in the past ten years that makes it I think even more imperative that we will need a village to raise healthy, secure children."

View video here.

In some ways, the very end of the interview was even more telling. Have a look at this clip. Meredith starts with a traditional closing handshake. But that's just not enough to express the depth of her affection. Meredith moves to the edge of her seat, leans over and touches Hillary's hand.

Kind of reminds you of the last time Katie Couric interviewed Dick Cheney, doesn't it?

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