Huffington Hates On Hillary

I told you that watching the Dems' internecine battles was going to be fun. The slap the NY Times took at the Dem leadership today for backing away from its pledge to reform Congress as part of implementing the 9-11 panel recommendations was just an hors d'ouevre. In a column in today's Los Angeles Times, Arianna Huffington serves up a heaping main course, feasting on Hillary's foibles.

All you really need to know about how Huff feels about Hil is to have a look at the photo here from the LA Times that accompanies Arianna's column.  But let's plunge on with these excerpts from Hillary's too vane to be president:

  • "While the country is urgently engaged in finding a way out of the quagmire in Iraq, Hillary Rodham Clinton is busy holding private dinners for key Democrats from primary states."
  • "A politician more comfortable following than leading."
  • "There are politicians with great instincts as leaders. Clinton is . . . is the quintessential political weather vane."
  • "Clinton's strategy for the presidency is threatening to become a cautionary tale about a perfect little girl who had a perfect little plan that went perfectly astray."
  • "David Geffen has already declared for Obama, and many other Hollywood power brokers, who are not ready to go public yet, are making it known in private that they are in the ABH (Anyone But Hillary) camp. And all because they don't trust her to stand up for what is right — or even to know anymore what is right."

Ouch! Putting aside the temptation to describe Huffington's broadside in terms of feline fisticuffs, I'd say that Arianna has a point. Then again, perhaps it's better to stay out of the fray. You know what Napoleon said about not interrupting the other side . . .

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