Snow Swoons for Hillary But Frets She 'Better Get Organized Soon'

ABC's Kate Snow is apparently no fan of Larry David's HBO original series. On this morning's GMA Snow was unable to curb her enthusiasm at the prospect of a presidential run by Hillary Rodham. In to discuss an indication that Hillary might soon be announcing her candidacy, Snow, literally wriggling with excitement, gushed to Robin Roberts:

"It’s the latest sign that maybe, just maybe, we might have a woman trying to run for president of this country.”

Snow claimed that by the end of the week Hillary would be calling on all top New York Dems "not to tell them that she's running, but to get their advice and support, if she goes for it." Right. Shy, retiring Hillary, not telling her Dem minions anything. Just asking advice. Say, why not call it a "listening tour"? Video clip: Real (2MB) or Windows (1.3MB) Plus MP3 (204KB)

Snow, concerned Hillary might be procrastinating, offered up some unsolicited campaign advice:

"Sen. Clinton hasn't even been to Iowa or New Hampshire. The consensus among smart political thinkers is that she can take a little time now, through the holidays. But Robin, she better start getting organized soon."

Don't worry, Kate - she will.

Later, Snow reported that the campaign had brought in a high-level Democrat to serve as devil's advocate, making the case as to why Hillary shouldn't run. Observed Diane Sawyer with mordant humor:

"I don't think I'd want to be that person who came in make that case. I wouldn't volunteer for that job."


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