Glowing Chicago Tribune Article About Rahm Emanuel Reveals Democrat Tensions

I don't know if reporter Naftali Bendavid intended it that way but her glowing Chicago Tribune article about Rahm Emanuel revealed some big Democrat fault lines that will have implications in the near future. We see one example of such tension at the beginning of The House That Rahm Built.

Rahm Emanuel was seething.

He was hurtling down an asphalt road in upstate New York on the 47th trip of his ferocious campaign to win back the House. A lecture, even from political consultant James Carville, was the last thing he needed.

In just 12 days, his campaign would end in a historic victory--a triumph that almost no one believed possible when he took the job nearly two years ago--or in colossal failure.

And here were Carville and pollster Stan Greenberg telling him he had to make each of his handpicked candidates shift from attack mode and strike a conciliatory note in their final campaign ads.

"James. No James, YOU LISTEN," Emanuel barked into a cell phone, about to release a string of profane invectives more intense than usual. "Can you listen for one [expletive] minute? I'm working these campaigns all the time. The campaigns all have different textures."

His wiry body tensed, his voice breaking with stress. Emanuel shouted, "If you don't like what you see, I highly recommend you pick up the ... phone and do it yourself."

Although, as was the case in this example, the tension was more personal on matters of political tactics, the growing tension among the Democrats themselves has already blown up into a near Civil War between the Hillary Clinton supporters as represented by James Carville and the rest of the Democrat Left. The vitriol hurled in the direction of Carville as the point man for Hillary can be seen in all its fury in the leftwing blogosphere such as these quotes from the Democratic Underground:

James Carville is on a one-man mission to destroy the Democratic Congress.

Now get this, Carville. We run the show now. We, the people. We have the Internet and we're not going to allow any sleazy slime-ball from DC control us any longer. We elected these people to Congress. They are ours. We control them. You and your smarmy group of arrogant, idiotic DC insiders control nothing, apparently not even your mouths. The country is ours now. Get out of our way, or we'll just run you over. Your only alternative is to join us.

He's protecting the WAR CRIMINAL he's married to.

Kick Carville to the curb. Hey, that has a nice ring to it.

You can read more of the opening shots of the Democrat Civil War and the far left hate hurled in the direction of Carville in the DUmmie FUnnies.

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