Facebook Rigs News Feed — Deboosts ‘Problematic’ Content

September 23rd, 2021 4:42 PM

Facebook openly announced its plans it uses to demote content, but at least it’s attempting to be transparent about the process. Right, Facebook?


CensorTrack With TR: Big Tech BLOCKS Ads on Life Saving Measures

September 22nd, 2021 1:00 PM

It’s Week Four of MRC’s newest video series, CensorTrack with TR. This week, we talked about how much Big Tech likes blocking advertisements and promotions for groups, people and content that they don't support --- conservative content. 

James Murdoch Gave $1M to Pro-Big Tech Censorship Lib Group

September 22nd, 2021 8:19 AM

Climate activist James Murdoch gave at least $1 million to a group fighting to undermine state oversight of elections. That same group also backed Big Tech censorship against former President Donald Trump.


Facebook Oversight Board Calls for More Transparency

September 21st, 2021 7:00 PM

The Facebook Oversight Board has called for more transparency from the platform after The Wall Street Journal report.

Misinformation Studies Relied on Bogus Facebook Data

September 21st, 2021 4:18 PM

Facebook admitted that data it shared with researchers in Feb. 2020 was severely flawed. The result discredited any study relating to so-called “misinformation,” alleged radicalization or political polarization that used the Facebook information.


53-to-1: Big Tech Censors GOP Members of Congress Tons More than Dems

September 21st, 2021 9:45 AM

Censorship has hit Republican Senators Rand Paul (KY) and Ron Johnson (WI), Rep. Jim Jordan (OH) and other Republicans in Congress. But besides censoring those Republicans already in Congress, Big Tech has also…

Facebook Exec on Defense, Says WSJ Series Mischaracterizes Platform

September 20th, 2021 5:02 PM

Facebook criticized The Wall Street Journal after it conducted a deep-dive investigation into the platform and some of its practices.



HYPOCRISY! Instagram Head Warns of Censorship ‘Risk’ with Gov’t Regs

September 17th, 2021 5:29 PM

In a twist of irony, head of Instagram Adam Mosseri warned about the “risk” of social media “censorship” in an attempt to defend his platform from articles critical of censorious Facebook.

Minaj Says She Was in ‘Twitter Jail’ after Vax Tweet, Sharing Fox Clip

September 16th, 2021 1:28 PM

Rapper Nicki Minaj claimed to have been penalized by Twitter after she posted tweets expressing skepticism over COVID-19 vaccinations and apparent agreement with Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

WSJ: Big Tech Platforms Are Addictive, Toxic for Teen Girls, Minors

September 16th, 2021 11:18 AM

Several Big Tech companies reportedly know their social media sites are toxic for minors, and the sites may even perpetuate that toxicity.


CensorTrack With TR: Big Tech Spreads FALSE ‘Horse Dewormer’ Articles

September 15th, 2021 3:00 PM

It’s Week Three of MRC’s newest video series, CensorTrack with TR. This week, we talked about Big Tech’s refusal to accept anything that goes against their approved COVID-19 narrative.

75% of Americans Believe Big Tech Uses DC Power to Avoid Regs: Report

September 15th, 2021 12:18 PM

Americans have become quite suspicious of Big Tech’s influence. A recent survey reported on by Breitbart News revealed that three-quarters of American citizens believe that Big Tech companies avoid regulation by using their power to influence Washington, D.C.

Does Facebook Have Different Rules for VIPs? Report Suggests It Does

September 13th, 2021 2:51 PM

Facebook reportedly has a specific set of elite users who don't have to follow the same censorship rules applied to average users.

Well, Well, Well! Dem Staffer Leaving Senate for Facebook: Report

September 9th, 2021 6:15 PM

A top Democratic staffer is reportedly leaving his job at the Senate Commerce Committee to work at Facebook, according a Politico scoop on Thursday. “John Branscome, the top Democratic staffer on the Senate Commerce Committee, is leaving for Facebook,” tweeted Politico tech reporter Emily Birnbaum. “He'll work on FB's federal policy team — making the leap from overseeing the…