Left to Right: Critics Stack Up Leaving CNN, Cuomo Cornered

August 9th, 2021 11:20 PM

CNN might have thought the rest of the liberal media would come to their defense as they refused to discipline Prime Time host Chris Cuomo for his “inappropriate” side gig advising his brother, Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) as he faced sexual misconduct allegations. But CNN boss Jeff Zucker bet wrong as critics from across the political spectrum were outraged at how the network spit in…

WashPost Finds Chris Cuomo STILL Advising Embattled Brother Andrew

August 9th, 2021 9:25 PM

Buried deep in a Monday Washington Post report about the New York Assembly moving forward with Governor Andrew Cuomo’s impeachment, the paper let readers know that CNN host Chris Cuomo was still helping his embattled brother. This comes after CNN had called Chris’s conduct “inappropriate” and he promised on-air in May that he knew where the line was and that he wouldn’t embarrass his…


DOUBLE DISASTER: CNN’s Cuomo Is an Ethical Mess AND a Left-Wing Hack

August 9th, 2021 9:00 AM

From his unapologetic pushing of “fake news” to his hideous attacks on conservatives like the late-Rush Limbaugh to his insulting of religious gun owners the following is just a brief look at Chris Cuomo’s eight worst liberal outbursts during his time as anchor of CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time.


Stelter Defends CNN, Chris Cuomo: 'A Lot of People' Have 'Sympathy'

August 8th, 2021 2:25 PM

Sunday’s so-called Reliable Sources was the first real public statement CNN had put out about what they regarded as the “Chris Cuomo Conundrum,” as their chyron put it. Host Brian Stelter downplayed Cuomo’s massive breach of journalistic ethics and proclaimed there was a lot of “sympathy” for him at the network. He even suggested their non-punishment was punishment enough for Cuomo…

Chris Cuomo Takes ‘Long-Planned Vacation’ 3 Weeks After Last One

August 8th, 2021 9:39 AM

Wouldn’t it be nice to have two summer vacations? That’s supposedly the deal CNN Prime Time host Chris Cuomo conveniently struck with the network as details emerged about how entrenched he was in his brother, Governor Andrew Cuomo’s (D-NY) sexual and criminal misconduct, and calls for Chris to go grew louder. And this second vacation came just three weeks after his last one. But…

Calls for Chris Cuomo to Go Grow Louder as CNN Stays Silent

August 4th, 2021 10:28 PM

All the pieces are continuing to fall into place. After Tuesday’s New York attorney general report corroborated previous reporting that CNN anchor Chris Cuomo had secretly advised his embattled brother, Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY), new reporting drew attention to the massive violation of journalism ethics as it became evident Chris helped his brother to malign his victims in a coordinated…


CNN’s Cuomo Refuses to Address NY AG Report Implicating Him

August 3rd, 2021 10:15 PM

On Tuesday, New York Attorney General Letitia James (D) released a damning investigative report into New York Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo’s criminal sexual misconduct. As part of that report, the AG disclosed how CNN’s host Chris Cuomo was part of Andrew’s damage control sessions, advising his brother, writing his official statements, and telling him to blame “cancel culture” for the…

NY AG Probe Proves Chris Cuomo Crafted Brother’s Misconduct Defense

August 3rd, 2021 4:54 PM

In a damning report (with multiple appendixes) put out by the New York Attorney General Letitia James on Tuesday detailing the sexual harassment and sexual assault from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) against multiple women, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo was implicated as one of many advisors tapped to help Andrew respond to the allegations back in February; with verbatim lines making it…


Cuomo Whines Florida Holding America 'Hostage' to Pandemic

July 31st, 2021 4:11 PM

It is obvious that the media view Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as a 2024 threat; hence every discussion about COVID and the Delta variant must include an implication that Florida is a uniquely dire situation. On his Friday show, Cuomo blamed Florida for the CDC's revised mask guidelines, saying the country was being "held hostage" because of DeSantis' anti-science governance. 


Calm GOP Congressman Battles RAGING Cuomo on Right to Vax

July 26th, 2021 11:17 PM

Chris “Fredo” Cuomo was back from vacation Monday and CNN’s Prime Time was every bit a clown show it always was. For much of the program, the emotionally chafed Cuomo shouted and screamed about people who chose to take the risk and not get vaccinated. And even though Fredo claimed he didn’t want to “shame” people, he railed against them for making a stupid, dumb, and wrong decision.…


CNN's Cuomo Tries to Prove Illegals Commit Less Crime -- It Backfires

July 18th, 2021 7:25 AM

On his Thursday night show, CNN host Chris Cuomo attacked Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) as a "misinformation spreader" that's "fearmongering about the border....I just don't see any other way to say it other than the Party of Trump is banking on BS. Republican leadership doesn't care about the threat of toxic talk." But it's Cuomo's argument that flounders on the facts.


Accusing DeSantis of Disinformation, Cuomo Guilty Of His Own

July 17th, 2021 3:53 PM

During a Friday segment of Cuomo Prime Time on vaccine hesitancy and disinformation, namesake host Chris Cuomo spread some disinformation of his own by insinuating Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is encouraging people not to get vaccinated against COVID-19.


Even Chris Cuomo Compares Fleeing Texas Democrats to Filibuster

July 15th, 2021 4:20 PM

Chris Cuomo, like Claire McCaskill, pointed out the hypocrisy of Democrats condemning the U.S. Senate filibuster while hailing Texas Democrat state representatives fleeing the state in order to halt a vote on a voting bill.


Fredo: 'Fake Outrage' at CRT Designed to End Teaching of Emancipation

July 9th, 2021 12:21 AM

As the saying goes, you know you’re over the target when you start getting flak. And that’s exactly what’s been happening with the liberal media franticly trying to protect critical race theory. On Thursday, it was CNN Prime Time host Chris “Fredo” Cuomo’s turn to flat-out lie, gaslight, and try to rehabilitate the image of the racist and socialist propaganda. Fredo even teamed up…