Meta AI Excuses Degrowth Communism as Tool to Fight Climate Change

June 13th, 2024 9:57 AM

It’s bad enough when prominent leftist media outlets try to rationalize insane communist ideas in the name of fighting climate change. But it’s downright terrifying when artificial intelligence does it on its own.

House Bill Pulls Plug on Biden’s AI Censorship R&D Funding

June 6th, 2024 12:21 PM

A bill backed by over two dozen House Republicans, H.R. 8519, aims to end the funding of AI tools using taxpayer money for online content censorship. The focus is on ceasing the government's development of systems that label contentious content as "disinformation." The policy falls under the scope of the National Science Foundation's Track F: Trust and Authenticity in Communications Systems…


AI Chatbot Changes Tune on Biden ‘Lies,’ Quickly Listed Them on Trump

May 28th, 2024 1:48 PM

Artificial Intelligence chatbot, ChatGPT, was questioned over its ability to recall specific lies President Joe Biden has told, but could not provide any without context or verification. However, it was able to list five debated comments made by former President Donald Trump. MRC Free Speech America VP, Dan Schneider emphasized that the AI technology is built upon human-generated algorithms.…


EU Commissioner Makes Online Censorship Key Campaign Pledge

May 22nd, 2024 11:03 AM

The president of the European Commission is openly advertising her commitment to censoring speech as part of her re-election campaign, touting a “European Democracy Shield.”

Meta AI Bends Over Backwards to Defend Censorship

May 13th, 2024 7:37 PM

Meta’s new artificial intelligence chatbot claims there’s a “valid” argument to be made for censoring legal free speech.


Nets Play Biden Propagandists on WI Trip, Bemoan ‘Stubborn’ Economy

May 9th, 2024 3:47 PM

On Wednesday night and Thursday morning, the “big three” of ABC, CBS, and NBC dutifully complied with suckling coverage of President Biden’s trip to Racine, Wisconsin as part of Microsoft announcing a new headquarters for its artificial intelligence (A.I.) division and bemoaning how the economy’s remained a “stubborn challenge” for Biden to break through to Americans who’ve stupidly been “…


7 Times Big Tech Censored Content Exposing Radical Islamic Extremism

April 30th, 2024 8:20 AM

Big Tech has not only run cover for leftists, but, over the years, it has censored content exposing radical Islamic extremism.

Google Invests in AI Education as it Unleashes ‘Secret Weapon’

April 29th, 2024 6:21 PM

Google just announced a massive investment in training Americans to use its biased and anti-free speech artificial intelligence.

Google AI Gemini Justifies Censorship, Protects Climate Propaganda

April 26th, 2024 2:19 PM

MRC researchers caught Google’s biased artificial intelligence chatbot Gemini presenting an argument for censoring so-called climate “misinformation,” while simultaneously refusing to acknowledge any evidence undermining the “mainstream” climate narrative.

He Did What? Biden Hands Out AI Green Cards Despite Espionage Report

April 4th, 2024 10:33 AM

The day after DHS unveiled the Biden Administration’s plan to attract, and grant permanent residence to, foreign Artificial Intelligence (AI) experts, Axios published a report warning how “international spies posing as employees” are increasingly infiltrating the U.S. to steal AI technology secrets.

Google Engineer Indicted for Allegedly Stealing AI Info for Chi-Coms

March 8th, 2024 11:46 AM

A Chinese national was just indicted for stealing artificial intelligence secrets from Google. No doubt Communist China was impressed by Google AI’s inability to generate images of white people.

Win! Google Gemini No Longer Downplays Hamas’s Rape

March 6th, 2024 12:05 PM

Google appears to have stopped peddling pro-Hamas talking points about sexual violence carried out against Israeli citizens on Oct. 7 — just after MRC pressed the Big Tech giant for answers.

Is Biden Admin Puppet Master Behind Google’s No Whites Allowed AI?

March 4th, 2024 4:08 PM

Google is facing a congressional investigation over its infamous Gemini chatbot following MRC Free Speech America’s revelations.

Oopsie! Did NYT Inadvertently Let Cat Out of Bag In OpenAI Lawsuit?

February 28th, 2024 5:27 PM

A bombshell lawsuit against one of the largest artificial intelligence companies may have inadvertently revealed that popular AI chatbots are secretly propping up legacy media outlets in their answers.