An Excellent Supreme Court Decision on Homelessness

July 11th, 2024 7:20 PM

Homelessness, unfortunately, has become a persistent and growing problem in the United States. The Supreme Court, in City of Grants Pass v. Johnson, just dealt with one big issue associated with this problem — the ability of cities to prohibit camping on public property. Per the city of Grants Pass, Oregon, the answer has been that the municipality can prohibit such activity.…


‘Hard to Square’; ABC PANICS SCOTUS Gave Trump ‘Absolute,’ ‘Big’ Win

July 1st, 2024 5:57 PM

While CBS and NBC were far more balanced in perspectives and even behaved on Monday morning when it came to Special Reports on the Supreme Court’s Trump immunity case, it was not the case on Disney-run ABC as they kvetched over what they said was an “absolute”, “big”, and “total” win for Trump that was “hard to square” with the Constitution as we know it.


ABC Diminishes First Amendment After Court Upholds Religious Liberty

July 1st, 2023 11:30 AM

Laws are supposed to conform to the Constitution, but the Saturday edition of ABC’s Good Morning America thought the relationship was reversed as it described the Supreme Court’s ruling upholding the First Amendment, free speech, and religious liberty as a carve out of anti-discrimination law.

HEARTBREAK CITY: Here’s How ABC/CBS/NBC Handled Friday’s SCOTUS Cases

June 30th, 2023 7:16 PM

Just as they did on Thursday morning, the major broadcast networks of ABC, CBS, and NBC each broke in Friday morning for the final Supreme Court cases of the session, which were President Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan (Biden v. Nebraska) and a free speech case involving Christian web designer and LGBTQ individuals (303 Creative LLC v. Elenis). 

It's Time The Washington Post Comes Clean on Their Thomas Attacks

May 6th, 2023 4:00 PM

Back there in the stone age of last month, here was the headline on a Washington Post column from associate editor and columnist Ruth Marcus: 


CNN, MSNBC Obsess 80x More Over Thomas Ethics Questions Than Sotomayor

May 5th, 2023 2:03 PM

The cable networks of CNN and MSNBC spent a good portion of Thursday obsessing over a ProPublica report that Justice Clarence Thomas did not disclose friend Harlon Crow paying for his-great nephew's tuition while simultaneously downplaying—and in MSNBC's case, completely ignorning— reports that Justice Sonia Sotomayor did not recuse herself from a case involving the publishing company Random…


Todd, Reid Agree 'Imagine The Reaction' If Thomas Were Sotomayor

May 5th, 2023 10:23 AM

It was impossible to tell the difference between NBC’s allegedly straight newsman Chuck Todd and MSNBC’s Joy Reid as they both wondered what the GOP’s reaction would be if Justice Clarence Thomas was Justice Sonia Sotomayor and Harlan Crow were George Soros. Ignoring questions around Sotomayor was a theme for MSNBC on Thursday.


ABC, NBC Buzzards Circle Justice Thomas, Ignore NEW Sotomayor Scandal

May 4th, 2023 2:15 PM

Continuing with the high-tech lynching of conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas first launched during his confirmation hearings in 1991, ABC’s Good Morning America and NBC’s Today show picked at the red meat thrown by left-wing ProPublica at the liberal media on supposed ethics violations on Thursday. Meanwhile, they showed no interest in a new bombshell report…


Scarborough Ignores Sotomayor News To Ask What If Thomas Was Sotomayor

May 4th, 2023 10:01 AM

As the cast of Thursday’s Morning Joe discussed the latest non-scandal involving Justice Clarence Thomas, co-host Joe Scarborough condemned what he saw as conservative hypocrisy, declaring that if Thomas were Justice Sonia Sotomayor the reaction would be very different. He said this as Sotomayor faces ethical questions of her own.


ABC Insists SCOTUS Backing Religious Liberty Would Undo Civil Rights

December 6th, 2022 5:17 PM

On Monday and Tuesday, ABC’s Good Morning America and World News Tonight covered the Supreme Court case involving a Christian businesswoman being taken to court to force her to create a website for a gay wedding with heavy doses of fear-mongering and scorn. Over three segments, senior national correspondent Terry Moran insisted support for religious liberty would turn back…

How Can You Befriend a ‘Semi-Fascist’?

September 16th, 2022 12:08 PM

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, at a recent event with a liberal audience, praised Justice Clarence Thomas, her ideological adversary. Sotomayor said, “He is a man who cares deeply about the court as an institution.” She added that while the two often disagree over judicial decisions, “We share a common understanding about people and kindness towards them.”


Toobin Blames GOP For Increased SCOTUS Confirmation Partisanship

March 30th, 2022 11:04 AM

Reacting to the news on Wednesday’s New Day that Susan Collins became the first GOP senator to announce her intention to vote to confirm Ketanji Brown Jackson, CNN chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin suggested that it is Republicans who are to blame for the general raise in partisanship in Supreme Court confirmations.


CNN Smears: GOP Thinks SCOTUS Is 'Supposed To Be for White Men'

February 3rd, 2022 11:07 AM

On his Tuesday night show, left-wing CNN anchor Don Lemon wondered what is really behind Republican criticism of President Biden's pledge to only consider black women for his upcoming Supreme Court appointee. According to network contributor Kirsten Powers, the absurd answer is that Republicans are of the attitude that the Supreme Court exists for white men only.


NBC Chats Children’s Book With Sotomayor, Skips Controversies

January 26th, 2022 12:45 PM

Despite liberal Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor being at the center of a series of recent controversies, during a live interview on NBC’s Today show Tuesday morning, co-host Savannah Guthrie didn’t ask the jurist about a single one. Instead, almost the entire softball chat was devoted to selling Sotomayor’s latest children’s book.