Following its controversial decision to ban Andrew Breitbart from publishing articles at its front page, the Huffington Post has found itself in quite a pickle now that one of its regular contributors, comedian Bill Maher, made disgustingly vulgar references to former Alaska governor Sarah Palin.

As NewsBusters previously reported, Breitbart made some comments about President Obama's former green czar Van Jones that precipitated the following hypocritical statement from HuffPo spokesman Mario Ruiz last Thursday (readers are warned of vulgar content in full article):

MSNBC's Ed Schultz began his show Monday railing against American corporations sitting on trillions of dollars of cash while refusing to exhibit "economic patriotism" by using those funds to add to their payrolls.

In a demonstration of classic liberal hypocrisy, the host of the "Ed Show" finished his program calling AOL's purchase of the Huffington Post "a big f-in deal" while not once asking the website's editor Roy Sekoff if any new jobs would be created with the $315 million the owners are receiving or if all the writers would finally be paid for their contributions (videos follow with transcripts and commentary):

 On Wednesday’s Joy Behar Show on HLN, when host Behar asked, referring to House Republicans, "Are they going to ruin health care?" guest Roy Sekoff - founding editor of the Huffington Post - referred to a repeal of Obamacare as "destroy[ing] health care." Moments later, he also claimed that Obamacare "will actually lower the debt," and accused Republicans of being hypocritical for wanting to repeal it:

JOY BEHAR: Let’s talk about what they’re going to try and do. Are they going to try and destroy everything Obama has done so far? The approval rating is up over 50 percent on Obama again. What are they going to try to do? Are they going to ruin health care?

ROY SEKOFF, HUFFINGTON POST: Well, yeah, you know, first thing out of the gate, they’re going to try to, you know, destroy health care and try to repeal it ... And, of course, they’re always talking about how concerned they are about debt. And we know that that bill will actually lower the debt. So, a little bit of talking out of both sides of their mouth.

As the two discussed White House advisor David Axelrod and Press Secretary Robert Gibbs’s upcoming departure from the White House, Sekoff joked about the possibility of Behar following the lead of Tony Snow and moving from cable news to White House press secretary, leading the HLN host to assert that "I would do it any day," before making making her latest admission that "I love President Obama":

Democratic strategist Robert Zimmerman defended View host Joy Behar on Thursday's Anderson Cooper 360: "I'm standing with Joy Behar because she nailed it when she went after Sharron Angle for the xenophobia, for the racist type of campaign she has run, and for, in fact, exploiting prejudice and bigotry" [audio available here].

Zimmerman, a one-time political analyst for CNN and a member of the Democratic National Committee since 2000, appeared on a panel with Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway, Huffington Post founding editor Roy Sekoff, and author Michael Maslansky. Midway through the segment, co-host Eliot Spitzer played a radio ad from Ralph Reed's Faith and Freedom Coalition which included the statement, "It's us versus them- big government versus a big belief in faith and freedom- Sharron Angle versus Harry Reid."

On Wednesday’s Joy Behar Show on HLN, after playing a clip of Delaware Republican Senate nominee Christine O’Donnell when she spoke out against masturbation on MTV in 1996, host Behar cracked that, "She needs to watch some porn and get some tips, is what she needs," as Republican strategist Leslie Sanchez tried to argue that O’Donnell’s religious beliefs should not be held against the Delaware Republican. Sanchez had to argue against two liberals in the form of host Behar and fellow guest Roy Sekoff of the Huffington Post.

Below is a transcript of the relevant portion of the segment from the Wednesday, September 15, Joy Behar Show on HLN:

Perhaps it's the proximity of North Dakota, Ed Schultz's home state, to Minnesota but the MSNBC host has an identifiable fixation on a certain conservative Republican congresswoman from Minnesota.

On his July 29 program "The ED Show," Schultz once again attacked Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn. This time this wizard of smart attacked her for loving to get "her mug out there." But if that's a crime then Schultz is an accomplice. 

"Well, that's Michele Bachmann said, she wanted to create a ‘receptacle' for the Tea Party and so, this might be the first thing in the ‘receptacle,'" Schultz said. "I think she is doing it to stay visible. She loves getting her mug out there, she loves the visibility. She was rather an obscure congresswoman until she made an asinine comment on ‘Hardball with Chris Matthews' about investigating members of Congress. That pretty much put her on the map, Roy."

MSNBC's Ed Schultz said Tuesday that former Vice President Dick Cheney is now a poster child for healthcare as a result of his recent heart attack.

"I wish the former Vice President a speedy recovery because he is now the poster child for healthcare in this country," said Schultz to the Huffington Post's Sekoff.

"I mean, five deferments and five heart attacks," Schultz continued. "That's a hell of a life, isn't it, Roy?" (video embedded below the fold with transcript, h/t Story Balloon):

In what must be an effort to remind the public she has a show on a network most people don't know exists, HLN's Joy Behar (and guests) continue their hackneyed on-air hate fest against Sarah Palin, characterizing the former Alaska governor as a "dumb" woman who parades her disabled child "around more than a joint at a Grateful Dead concert." After all, continually bashing a popular public figure with cliché jokes will make an irrelevant show, a little more relevant, right? 

On last night's "Joy Behar Show," Behar and her panel - liberal talk show host Stephanie Miller and Huffington Post editor Roy Sekoff - discussed Palin's debut as a Fox News contributor. It didn't take long before the trio started to participate in the latest liberal pastime: Palin-bashing.

Sekoff is quick to pull out the personal insults, saying Palin doesn't need to "dumb" herself down for the FOX News audience because she's dumb to begin with. Sekoff then claims Palin will do fine as a contributor, so long as her teleprompter behaves (emphasis mine; transcripts via