On Tuesday’s Morning Joe, co-host Mika Brzezinski once again publicly attacked the #MeToo movement and its core demand for absolute belief of women who make sexual misconduct allegations. In the context of discussing Al Franken’s announced resignation from the Senate, Brzezinski lamented about how “right now, any woman can say anything and a man’s career is ruined.” She also explicitly doubted the evidence pointing to Franken as a sexual harasser, stating that “the evidence is – just hang on there, calm down – is debatable.”

Instead of just having a panel packed to the hilt with liberal pundits, Friday’s Morning Joe brought on some conservative and right-leaning voices during their last half-hour, namely including Washington Examiner Commentary Editor Tim Carney and Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan. A significant portion of their discussion centered around Thursday’s New York Times piece that concluded that President Trump has lied almost six times more than former President Obama even though Trump has spent less than one-eighth of Obama’s time in office.

On Thursday’s Morning Joe, the show’s liberal panel once again rallied to the defense of Robert Mueller in response to recent calls by Republican House representatives for the former FBI director’s special counsel division to be officially investigated for serious political conflicts of interest that have been revealed within it by the reporting of a variety of different news outlets.

Wednesday’s Morning Joe devoted a significant portion of its broadcast to covering President Trump’s upcoming speech that will officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. In response to reports that the Palestinian Authority is reacting to this development by calling for potentially violent protests and a “day of anger,” MSNBC’s top liberal pundits knew precisely where the blame for any resultant violence should fall – Trump, of course.

CNN’s Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter invited on HLN’s S.E. Unfiltered host S.E. Cupp for an illuminating 22-minute podcast released Friday dealing with conservative distrust in the news media. It featured solid points by Cupp and complaints by Stelter that mistakes in the media have unfairly been “amplified by some right-wing outlets as if the entire press is culpable.” 

On Wednesday’s Morning Joe, the panel breathed a collective sigh of relief over the news that during yesterday’s House Judiciary Committee hearing, Attorney General Jeff Sessions rebuffed the notion that he would launch a special prosecutor’s investigation against the Clintons for their alleged corrupt conduct related to the Russian acquisition of Uranium One. The liberal pundits proceeded to dismiss the story as a “dumb conspiracy theory” that has “been debunked” “many times.”

On Wednesday’s Morning Joe, the panel brought on former DNC chair Donna Brazile to discuss her explosive new book alleging that the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee unethically colluded to merge their operations in 2015 before the Democratic presidential primaries had even started. Although the hosts repeatedly pressed Brazile to affirm that the primaries were “rigged,” Brazile denied this. Nevertheless, she still reserved seriously harsh criticism for her party, describing the Clinton-DNC deal as “cancerous” and labeling the Clinton campaign an impenetrable “cult.”

On Thursday’s Morning Joe, Mika Brzezinski and guest Laura Brown, editor in chief of In Style magazine, decided to use the show as a soapbox to sycophantically praise Joe Biden as one of the most “inspiring” people in America, “a very, very frank and straightforward person” with an “Uncle Joe persona,” and a “warm,” “engaging,” and “approachable” “consoler-in-chief” who “loves givin’ hugs.” This sappy idolizing was sprinkled with photos and short video clips of Biden appearing eminently statesmen-like and even a few glamorous style shots of Biden in fashionable clothing, all apparently to build up a hip and cool image for a future presidential candidate.

On Wednesday’s Morning Joe, the panel spent most of the show effusively praising yesterday’s Senate floor speech by Jeff Flake lamenting the “indecency of our discourse,” “the coarseness of our leadership,” and “the compromise of our moral authority” (all referring to Trump) being “dangerous to a democracy.” Joe Scarborough and the rest of the liberal pundits excoriated Congressional Republicans for being too cowardly to stand up to Trump and repeatedly characterized Trump as a “threat to constitutional norms, societal norms, and our children.”

On Thursday's Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough was again hitting the gun control issue from the left as he railed against the NRA for supposedly having too much power, and managed to work in another pet liberal concern as he ranted against "extreme gerrymandering" allegedly being to blame. Fellow MSNBC conservative Charlie Sykes also came on board to join in on the NRA bashing: "This is an organization that has taken the most extreme, absolute position on everything. I've tangled with them, and their position is basically: Do not give an inch on anything. Common sense solutions which may make sense to 90 percent of the voters, when it comes up against this, you know, the NRA ideology, stands no chance."

On Tuesday’s Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough went completely off the rails in defense of his friend Senator John McCain. Not only did Scarborough declare that anyone who wants to criticize McCain for his decisive role in striking down an ObamaCare repeal is inhuman, ‘raised in a barn,’ disrespectful, and undignified, but Joe even questioned the character, patriotism, and Christian morals of anyone who has criticized McCain and imperiously declared not once, but twice, that Trump and others must ‘keep [their] mouths shut.’

Talk about a bad day to be a member of the liberal media. Licking their wounds from White House official Stephen Miller sparing with the press corps on Wednesday, MSNBC’s Deadline: White House denounced Miller as the kid who probably got bullied in school while his words were filled with “xenophobia” and nothing but “white identity politics.”