Thursday on Morning Joe, Michael Duffy, editor for Time magazine, proceeded to compare the White House to the Daily Show. This comment arose from discussing a crowded White House during an interview with Donald Trump. Glen Thrush, a political correspondent for The New York Times, scoffed, “It was really amazing, at some point in the middle of the interview, Mike Pence and Reince Priebus just drift in. And they're sort of standing off to the side, you know, watching this like it's– you know- like it’s a live TV show.” Co host Mika Brzezinski added in her usual melodramatic commentary: “Good Lord”

While many across the country are either happy with Donald Trump’s pace or are frustrated that more hasn’t gotten done (like the repeal of Obama Care) that isn’t the case with the Inside-the-Beltway bubble reporters seen on Wednesday night’s edition of PBS’s Charlie Rose show. Substitute host and Time contributing editor Jon Meacham invited on his fellow liberal reporters to complain that Trump’s first few weeks in office have already “exhausted” America and “confused” the world. 

Four out of five liberal journalists, on Sunday's edition of The Chris Matthews Show, dourly predicted that gun control was "doomed" for the "foreseeable future." When Matthews asked his panel if the NRA would "block wider background checks forever" and if it was a "permanent victory for these guys?" most of the liberal panel begrudgingly agreed.

The lone holdout was CNN's Gloria Borger who predicted the defeated bill is "framing the 2014 midterm elections," and that the Democrats would "eventually" win on the gun issue.
The other panelists were gloomy in their forecasts. (video after jump)

"We're all socialists from the day we're born. You know, you don't have to be poor or unemployed to be on Welfare. We're all at the trough. We're all Welfare queens."

So said TIME magazine executive editor Michael Duffy on the syndicated Chris Matthews Show Sunday (video follows with transcript and commentary):

Chris Matthews asked a question Sunday that should truly offend people on both sides of the aisle.

During the syndicated program bearing his name, Matthews asked his panel, "Has President Obama put himself at political risk if the big cuts do not wreak havoc?" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

The media's gushing and fawning over Hillary Clinton running for president in 2016 knows no bounds.

On the syndicated Chris Matthews Show Sunday, Time magazine's Washington bureau chief Michael Duffy cooed over a Clinton-Biden "dream ticket" that could make Joe vice president for sixteen straight years (video follows with commentary):

Time magazine’s Joe Klein can’t get his basic biographic facts straight, but he’s sure the “fiscal cliff” impasse should be blamed on Grover Norquist on Rush Limbaugh for leading a conservative culture “removed from reality” and “extreme in the most egregious way.”

On CBS’s Face the Nation, after Peggy Noonan regretted how President Barack Obama allows “dreadful enervating dramas” while Ronald Reagan was big enough to make deals with Speaker Tip O’Neill, Klein sputtered: “When Ronald Reagan was President, Grover Norquist was in diapers and Rush Limbaugh was a disc jockey, I think, in St. Louis.”

CBS's Bob Schieffer certainly wasn't in an Obama-loving mood Sunday.

Having asked the President's senior campaign adviser "Whatever happened to hope and change" early in the program, the Face the Nation host in a subsequent segment laughed out loud after playing a clip of Obama bragging about his accomplishments on 60 Minutes last year (video follows with transcript and commentary):

NBC's Andrea Mitchell this weekend named the Tea Party as her Person of the Year.

Two others on the syndicated "Chris Matthews Show" disgustingly chose WikiLeaks' Julian Assange (video follows with transcript and commentary):

Time magazine's Michael Duffy said this weekend that the liberal part of Barack Obama's presidency is probably over.

Maybe more surprising, no one on the syndicated "Chris Matthews Show" - including the host - disagreed with him (video follows with transcript and commentary):

These must be really desperate times for the Democrats, if the syndicated Chris Matthews Show that was aired over the weekend is any indication, as both the host and one of the guests claimed Barack Obama would need to tap into military, musical and even mystical powers to get a health care reform bill passed. During the intro of his show, Matthews declared that Obama "must now lead the band with all the music and magic he has in him" and guest panelist Michael Duffy, of Time magazine, reported that Obama is going to unleash "the infantry, the air cover, the artillery" on Congress to get health care passed. [audio available here]

The following exchanges were aired on the February 28 edition of The Chris Matthews Show:

Chris Matthews believes it's too soon for George W. Bush nostalgia.

Such was discussed during this weekend's syndicated program bearing his name.

In fact, Matthews made this his big question of the day asking his guests, "Will there be George W. Bush nostalgia this November when his book comes out?"

To his discredit, Matthews was the only person of the five in front of the camera that felt the answer was no concluding, "I think he needs a little more time to be away" (video embedded below the fold with transcript):