New York Times reporter Jackie Calmes managed to write a 1,500-word story on David Daleiden, who runs the pro-life group that conducted damning undercover interviews with Planned Parenthood executives about harvesting baby organs, without once mentioning the actual contents of the vide.Calmes warned: "Democrats said they were counting on Republicans to overreach with their attacks -- inciting a backlash from women, younger voters and political independents who support Planned Parenthood -- and then retreat, as has happened before."

Political reporter Jackie Calmes, a prime defender of Democrats from her New York Times perch, suggested in Wednesday's edition that an undercover video exposing Planned Parenthood harvesting body parts of aborted babies would mean "political danger" for Republicans. Calmes not only played the shocking revelations as a purely political issue, but suggested any emphasis on the gruesome practice would backfire on Republicans. Calmes even refused to describe Planned Parenthood as an abortion provider, saying only that its "wide-ranging health services include breast cancer tests."

For The New York Times, Black Friday’s just another great day to promote “abortion entrepreneurs” like 20-year-old Lenzi Sheible, who helps troubled women get around Texas abortion laws by paying for hotels and transportation bills to other abortion clinics. The headline was “Activists Help Pay for Patients’ Travel to Shrinking Number of Abortion Clinics.”

For the liberal media, abortion is a precious procedure which must always be provided with maximum convenience (for the baby-expelling “mother”). Texas has become an “abortion clinic desert” that desperately needs more "choice."

Immigration is the issue where the New York Times' liberal slant is most obvious, and the paper's heavy coverage Friday and Saturday held true to form, after President Obama's prime-time Thursday announcement that he would bypass Congress and grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. Obama even used the same "out of the shadows" phrase liberals -- and the Times -- use so often, while the Times insisted Republican resistance was futile.

The New York Times greeted the GOP takeover of the Senate with a mix of honest and sour reporting, emphasizing "angry" voters while downplaying the ideological significance of an "expensive" campaign "stumbling" to a close, while insisting that the Democrats succeeded in hanging on to their voting base and warning Republicans "about reading too much into their victories."

The New York Times saw grim tidings for Democrats in the congressional elections, but over the weekend, one could spot the paper subtly separating President Barack Obama from the travails of his party. And one headline should make the Hall of Fame for wishful thinking on the part of the liberal media.

Having pretty much conceded big Republican gains of the U.S. Senate, the New York Times is working to strangle any ideological gains the GOP might make, whether the issue be immigration or economics. The latest example: Jackie Calmes' front-page story Thursday, "Economists See Limited Gains in G.O.P. Plan."

Michelle Obama is sitting out the tight Senate races in 2014, and the New York Times seems a bit worried. Saturday's front page story by Jackie Calmes was interspersed with praise for both the crowd-rousing Michelle and that resilient "ace" campaigner, former first lady Hillary Clinton.

Jackie Calmes, New York Times reporter (and reliable water-carrier for Democrats), made Thursday's front page with a story on the competitive Senate race in North Carolina, a seat the Democrats desperately need to keep in order to maintain their hold on the U.S. Senate.

The nudging headline read: "To Hold Senate, Democrats Rely on Single Women." In the lead we revealingly learn that the decline of marriage has been a boon for the Democratic party (what it says about the well-being of the country being apparently less vital).

New York Times reporter Jackie Calmes, a reliable defender of President Obama, placed the blame on the cynical GOP for depriving poor West Virginians of health care for electoral advantage, in Sunday's "Political Stigma Is Depressing Participation in Health Law." The text box read: "Misconceptions are common as attack ads fill airwaves in West Virginia."

Calmes pitted a cynical, misleading, partisan GOP against supposedly non-partisan health professionals.

When you work at that “Valhalla” of liberal journalism called The New York Times, you can’t believe it when Republicans associate themselves with trash-talking celebrities who make wild charges about President Obama.

But when President Obama associates himself with trash-talking celebrities who made wild charges about President Bush, that’s not newsworthy at all. See these lead paragraphs of the Times, one from Wednesday’s story on Ted Nugent and Texas candidate Greg Abbott, and the other one from 2012 on Spike Lee and President Obama:

The New York Times published a large color picture of a “defund Obamacare” rally on Capitol Hill on page A-12 of Wednesday’s paper. The headline was “G.O.P. Eyes Hard Line Against Health Care Law.” There is no such thing as a “hard line” in favor of Obamacare.

Sadly, the Jackie Calmes story below the picture saved any mention of the conservative rally until paragraph 13, where she briefly singled out protesters with bad spelling who favored impeachment and compared Obama to Hitler and Stalin: