The hosts were divided on The View Tuesday over Democrats dragging out John Dean to testify over the Mueller report Monday, where he compared President Trump to Richard Nixon. The stunt was praised by View hosts Sunny Hostin and fill-in host Deborah Roberts as historically necessary, but Meghan McCain called out the disgraced, former White House counsel for his partisanship and history of hackery.


On Good Morning America Wednesday, ABC’s Deborah Roberts grilled First Daughter Ivanka Trump, in an exclusive interview, on everything from her recent email scandal to President Trump’s “tone.” While GMA just did a series of interviews with former First Lady Michelle Obama that were warm, friendly and non-confrontational, the tone and questions asked in this interview with Ivanka couldn’t have been more different.

With roughly 24 hours until polls closed for the midterm elections, the liberal broadcast networks were out in force Monday evening as they pleaded with viewers to vote for Democratic candidates. From touting Democratic Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill as a moderate to blasting Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp for accusing Democrats of hacking to fantasizing about all the investigations of President Trump the Democrats would start, the liberal networks were all hands on deck.

Legendary TV personality Oprah Winfrey stumped for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams in Georgia on Thursday and the liberal media couldn’t get enough of it. During their evening news programs, the major broadcast networks celebrated her efforts as they gushed about her going door-to-door and surprising voters.

After spending four reports on the sexual assault allegations surrounding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh Wednesday, ABC continued trying to elevate the accusers and shame the conservative judge in a fifth report on Good Morning America, where high schoolers lectured adults for not “believing the women” who’ve raised dubious and discounted claims about Kavanaugh.

ABC’s The View started off their show, March 8, by blasting White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders as an incompetent liar, and eagerly hoping the Stormy Daniels lawsuit would produce physical evidence to impeach President Trump.


The media love a good scare and a sensational headline, but new research indicates the fear they spread about the dangers of sitting too much may be overblown.

In recent years, media outlets compared sitting to health risks like smoking, and even warned “Sitting will kill you.” Today told viewers sitting was “literally killing us” back on Sept. 18, 2015. ABC’s Deborah Roberts even claimed sitting was “one of the greatest risks to our health.” One expert CBS turned to went so far as to claim “any” sitting was “too much.”

Friday's CBS Evening News picked up where the Big Three morning shows left off earlier in the day and trumpeted how "visitors have been surging to [] – about one-and-half million a day." Scott Pelley did give a bit of slightly bad news during his 16-second news brief, noting that "today, the ObamaCare website was taken down for about 20 minutes, to fix a problem that affected log-ins." [MP3 audio available here; video below the jump]

However, the CBS evening newscast, along with Friday's NBC Nightly News and ABC's World News, glossed over the latest Associated Press poll, which found record-high disapproval of the controversial law: "[S]upport for President Barack Obama's health care law is languishing at its lowest level since passage of the landmark legislation four years ago...26 percent of Americans support the Affordable Care Act." This omission continues a nearly three-month-long trend by the Big Three networks to paper over bad news about ObamaCare.

Good Morning America on Sunday recapped the liberal One Nation rally held on the nation's capital, Saturday, but skipped any mention of the socialist and Communist themed signs seen during the march.

These are some of the signs that were featured during reporter Tahman Bradley's segment: ""Peace, justice, equality, hope, change," "Fair trade, not free trade," "Educate every child," "Full and fair employment" and "Silence GOP lies." However, signs with the Communist Party USA logo, posters reading "Capitalism is failing, socialism is the alternative" and "Build a socialist alternative" were not. [Pictures can be found here. Video, here.]

Instead, Bradley repeated Democratic talking points: "Several speakers and people in the crowd noted the diversity at the rally. Their insinuation, the Tea Party movement has attracted only a narrow slice of Americans."

Is one who conspires to conceal a husband’s affair really "an icon of strength"? ABC’s Deborah Roberts seems to think so. In a story about women who fell victim to a cheating husband, Roberts segued into the segment with the news of John Edwards’ admission.

Men don't have babies. Period. Yet in covering the ‘pregnant man' story this morning both the "Early Show" and "Good Morning America" neither outlet dealt with this fact. Rather, both were completely focused on the fact that Thomas Beatie was speaking publicly for the first time and would be shown on today's "Oprah" show. Both outlets also reported that Beatie's story would appear in this week's issue of People, due on news stands tomorrow.

So really, the media were reporting on the media reporting on the pregnant man. Which really amounts to a public relations boon for Oprah, People and of course the Beaties. - Media Research CenterABC reporter Deborah Roberts interviewed Michelle Obama on Monday's "Good Morning America" and glossed over some of the more controversial statements of this "fascinating," "straight-talking," "charming" woman.

Roberts appeared comfortable repeating talking points from "the spouse of politics' newest star" and didn't challenge Mrs. Obama on her assertion, from November 2007, that it will be America's fault if her husband isn't elected. Instead, Roberts simply recited, "I asked her about race in this campaign....She and her husband refuse to dwell on it." Continuing the spin, she added, "They genuinely believe that people want to move beyond that, talk about something else."