Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia blasted Bernie Sanders supporter Rosario Dawson on Monday's CNN Newsroom for referencing Monica Lewinsky at a recent campaign event for the Vermont socialist: "I think it was stupid. The reason I think it was stupid is because there just aren't many votes in the Democratic primary for invoking the name of Monica Lewinsky." Anchor Carol Costello replied, "So why didn't Bernie Sanders just come out and say, you know what — Monica Lewinsky's name has no place in Democratic politics at this time?"

On Wednesday's At This Hour, CNN's Kate Bolduan lobbied Bernie Sanders's senior media adviser, Tad Devine, to lighten up in his campaign's attacks on Hillary Clinton, following the Vermont senator's loss in the New York primary: "Bernie Sanders said there's no change in strategy moving forward. But when you look you need to have a change in tone? The Clinton campaign is furious over what they call false character attacks from your campaign leading up to New York....You guys are basically helping Republicans here."

There was a serious case of selective amnesia induced by liberal bias on Thursday's CNN Newsroom as host Carol Costello oddly complained about women voters having labels like "soccer moms" and "welfare queens" applied to them while men supposedly escape such labeling. But just barely a week ago on her show, Costello herself asked about "angry white men" supporting Donald Trump.

ABC and NBC’s morning shows Thursday completely ignored Bernie Sanders being confronted about his radical viewpoints during Wednesday night’s Democratic Debate hosted by Univision. In 1985, he praised Cuba’s communist regime and justified those remarks during the debate. Only CBS This Morning played the clip with Sanders’ response and this mild criticism ("A view many Cuban exiles here don't share.”)  However, only CNN actually invited a member of the media who was an open critic of Fidel Castro, to hit Sanders hard on his extreme politics.

Appearing as a guest on Wednesday's CNN Newsroom with Carol Costello, race-obsessed CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill painted "white male" Donald Trump supporters as being bothered at "a rise in expanded opportunity for black people and for brown people," suggesting that Trump's slogan is really "We're going to make America white again." Host Costello set him up: "Let me ask you this, Marc, because I want to ask you about angry white men because I just think it would be kind of fun."

Appearing as a guest on Friday's CNN Newsroom with Carol Costello, while endorsing Hillary Clinton for President because Bernie Sanders has been "insensitive to the plight of black people," music mogul Russell Simmons made wildly alarmist predictions suggesting humanity would die "in the next 50 years" because the "farming lobby" is "poisoning the planet quickly."

He also blamed earthquakes on global warming during his rant. Referring to Sanders, he complained: "And I asked him about it, and he brushed it off, even though he knows that your earthquake and certainly all of these storms are a result of factory farming. We now have all of the proof in the world that climate change is manmade, and we have to do something to derail it."

Appearing as a guest on Wednesday's CNN Newsroom with Carol Costello, supposedly right-leaning actor, economist and former Nixon speech writer Ben Stein praised socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders's plan for national health care, and even admitted to a "fondness" for former law school classmate Hillary Clinton as he mused about whom he might support for President. It was only after being prodded that he finally admitted he prefers Republican Marco Rubio of all the candidates, although he aimed blunt criticism at both Rubio and Ted Cruz even while admitting to liking them both.

Appearing as a guest on Monday's CNN Newsroom with Carol Costello to discuss Chris Rock's race-based monologue at the Oscars, after host Costello expressed that she "felt kind of sorry" for audience members who looked uncomfortable with the controversial jokes, liberal CNN political commentator Marc Lamont Hill provocatively referred to a "bunch of uncomfortable white people" in the audience as he recalled that he was gleeful at such a sight. Hill: "Their tears were my nectar. You know, watching a bunch of uncomfortable white people in a crowd (laughs) made me so happy."

CNN’s resident gem Sally Kohn was a guest on CNN Newsroom with Carol Costello February 22. The political analyst and Daily Beast writer was asked to weigh in on Clinton’s trust with voters. Of course Kohn couldn’t do that without bringing up sexism, how much Trump’s voters hated gay people, and how much the right misleads the media.

When Costello brought up that only 12 percent of Democratic voters at the Nevada caucus said that they trusted Clinton, Kohn visibly bristled and rushed in to defend Clinton by claiming that her trust issues were “smears”  and a “story” made up by the right:


On Friday's CNN Newsroom, Jeffrey Toobin somehow thought it was necessary to point out that Justice Antonin Scalia's 120 Supreme Court clerks — many of whom were waiting for his casket to arrive at the Court — consisted of "an overwhelmingly white, male group." Toobin made this statement as the camera zeroed in on eight individuals who all appeared to be white. However, moments later, a different camera shot showed a middle-aged Asian male clerk lined up with three female clerks, along with a clerk who appeared to be African-American.

Liberal anchor Carol Costello shamelessly touted two ads from Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders on Wednesday's CNN Newsroom. Costello turned to a guest who works for a "group that creates television and radio ads," but failed to mention that his firm mainly deals with Democratic candidates. She prompted him to describe why Clinton's "ad is so effective." Later, Costello heralded the ad from the Sanders campaign: "If you watch the whole ad, it actually gives you goosebumps. It's very moving." The ad consultant replied, "It's a beautiful ad."

Carol Costello spotlighted a young leftist's disdain for Hillary Clinton on Thursday's CNN Newsroom: "I talked to one young feminist — young woman — who said Hillary Clinton is just an old, white, rich person. Why should I listen to her? And that sounds really harsh, but young people are gravitating around Bernie Sanders because they like his idealistic message."