Dyson Wrongly Claims Black Cop Quickly Arrested After Killing Woma

On Friday's CNN Newsroom, host Brianna Keilar allowed race-obsessed Georgetown University professor and former MSNBC contributor Michael Eric Dyson to spout misinformation as he grasped for evidence to claim there has been a double standard in the treatment of the cop implicated in the death of black victim George Floyd in contrast with cops who have killed whites. Reacting to news that, four…


CNN Frets, It's 'Dangerous' for Trump to Call to Reopen Churches!

CNN journalists showed what they really thought about religious freedom in this country following Friday’s White House press briefing. After President Trump announced that churches and houses of worship were “essential” and should be allowed to reopen, a CNN panel of Democrats, led by host Brianna Keilar, reacted in outrage, calling it “dangerous” to reopen churches.

Sad CNN: ‘Why Are Cases Declining as Nearly All U.S. States Reopen?’

Everyone send CNN positive vibes they were perplexed Friday afternoon over how coronavirus cases were declining as more states begin to reopen their economies. Put another way, this drove a dagger through the heart of CNN’s campaign of apocalyptic rhetoric, indefinitely lockdowns, and Trump hate. During the second of two segments on the topic in the 1:00 p.m. Eastern hour, one could sense…

On CNN, Doctor Argues 'Science Denialism' in Red States Is Deadly

The decision on when to re-open their states will probably be the most difficult decision each governor will make during their respective tenures, so it would be nice if the media would be willing to grant the conversation the nuance it deserves. Unfortunately, on Tuesday afternoon's CNN Newsroom, Dr. Seema Yasmin claimed that the only reason why some states might chose to re-open is…

CNN Huffs: Virus Origin Question 'a Distracting Mechanism'

CNN Newsroom host Brianna Keilar and national security correspondent Kaylie Atwood theorized on Thursday that increased focus on the possibility that the current pandemic began as a lab accident in Wuhan and not at a wet market is just another attempt by the White House and its allies to distract from the administration's failures.  

CNN Features Guest 44x for 150 Mins, Barely Notes Past Abortion Job

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, CNN has shown an inability to shy away from framing the pandemic through the lens of attacking President Trump. Another tic has been their continued refusal to describe frequent guest Dr. Leana Wen as a former president of Planned Parenthood. Since our first post about Wen on March 16, the Media Research Center kept tabs on Wen’s appearances and…

CNN Host Cuts Off Trump Aide, Repeatedly Rips Him as 'Waste of Time'

On Thursday's CNN Right Now host Brianna Keilar illustrated why the news media has the lowest approval rating of various institutions on the coronavirus. In a lengthy and contentious interview with White House trade advisor Peter Navarro that was full of constant interruptions, Keilar ripped the Trump team's performance and then accused Navarro of wasting everybody's…

Dr. Fauci Tells CNN to ‘Get Real’ With Their Microphone Freak Out

CNN has been so intense with pushing the narrative that President Trump didn’t care about dealing with the coronavirus correctly, that they’ve been hyperventilating about an image of him and Dr. Anthony Fauci touching a microphone at the same time during a White House press conference. When CNN fill-in host Brianna Keilar pressed Fauci on what happened, the nation’s top…

CNN Freaks About ‘Litmus Test’ for ‘King’ Trump Appointees

CNN continued its habit of making mountains out of molehills on Tuesday as CNN Right Now host Brianna Keilar, White House correspondent Jeremy Diamond, and Never Trump Republican Sophia Nelson decried the White House's new "Trump-focused litmus tests" for those who seek political appointments in the administration.  

CNN's Keilar Can't Get Her Facts Straight With This Anti-Trump Rant

As Thursday's CNN Right Now came to a close, host Brianna Keilar took time reflect on the events of the past couple of weeks in the form of an anti-President Trump monologue. Unfortunately, the monologue was riddled with various false, misleading, and partisan criticisms.

PARTY: CNN Celebrates ‘Black Cloud’ of Probe Lifting for McCabe

It was a great day for the body politic-poisoning and ethics-free CNN on Friday as the Department of Justice announced that their contributor Andrew McCabe would not be facing charges for lying. In the three shows since news broke, it was nothing but an ebullient sense of relief for the network, celebrating how “a black cloud” has lifted despite all “he has endured”…

CNN's Keilar Gives Parkland Gun Control Activist a Forum to Bash Trump

On Tuesday afternoon, CNN host Brianna Keilar picked up on the heckler who shouted at President Donald Trump during the State of the Union Address, and gave him a forum to complain about how the President has handled the gun control issue. Setting up her interview with Fred Guttenberg -- a gun control activist who lost his daughter in the Parkland school shooting -- Keilar showed a clip of…

CNN SEETHES Over ‘Dark,’ ‘Disturbing,’ ‘Poisonous’ Trump Speech

CNN showcased for all to see Thursday afternoon its undisputed position as leader of the opposition party and hate for President Trump, lashing out at the post-impeachment speech as an “angry,” “dark,” “disturbing,” “mean-spirited,” “poisonous,” “spiteful,” and “vindictive” “set of remarks” by a…

CNN Lines Up Insults for Trump Tweeting Iran's Dissenters in Farsi

CNN Right Now host Brianna Keilar was supposed to be interview Democratic Rep. Gerry Connolly on Monday about the situation in Iran, but at times the viewer would be forgiven if they forgot just who the journalist was and who the politician was. Keilar called Trump's Farsi tweets expressing support for the protestors in Iran hypocritical due to his relationship with the press…