Yet another hire by President-Elect Donald Trump is drawing the ire of the liberal media, Tuesday evening. “Well, another one of those hires is a well-known critic of climate science who does not believe that fossil fuels are warming the planet,” announced an irritated sounding Scott Pelley on CBS Evening News, “His assignment-- staffing the environment protection agency.”

On January 25, the PBS NewsHour gave the annual “March for Life” a perfunctory 56-word news brief. But on Monday night, the leftist protests against the proposed Keystone XL pipeline from Canada drew a full story about nine times that long.

Anchor Judy Woodruff somehow ignored the large crowds of Earth Day 1970, Earth Day 1990 (stood there myself), and Earth Day 2000 to echo the Left: “Thousands of people marched on the National Mall in Washington yesterday, braving a cold winter wind to take part in what organizers called the biggest climate rally in U.S. history.” If that wasn’t weird enough, protest organizer Bill McKibben announced the Arctic melted last year: