In our latest visit to left-wing firebrand Dave Zirin, red meat sports editor of The Nation, we learn that Nike is unfit to brand the exalted prince of social justice activism, Colin Kaepernick. The conservatives he considers unfit, period, got a passing mention in this screed, as Zirin cut Nike down to size. It's all about Kaepernick and not about the Nike swoosh logo.

Resuming the confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh Tuesday afternoon, Republican Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley blasted his Democratic colleagues and their liberal media allies for blatant hypocrisy when it came to criticism of the judicial branch of government, pointing to routine attacks on conservative Supreme Court justices.

On Monday's Deadline: White House on MSNBC, fill-in host Katy Tur not only repeated the discredited myth that the Barack Obama administration deported more illegal immigrants than previous Presidents, she complained because Donald Trump supporters refused to believe her when she presented them with her flawed data during the 2016 presidential campaign. The segment she was hosting also included the latest example of MSNBC blaming Fox News and conservative talk radio for many voters not believing the liberal media, rather than the media's biased reporting.

Unbelievably, Nike just made Colin Kaepernick -- of all people! -- the face of its 30th anniversary "Just Do it" campaign. Was it the cops-are-pigs socks that sold Nike on the toxic former NFL quarterback? The pro-Castro t-shirt? The America is not free tweet from Ghana? So many "great marketing" choices for Nike! Bleacher Report's Tim Daniels did not speculate on the reasoning behind Nike's bizarre decision.

Touré was once a familiar face on CNN and MSNBC and currently writes for The New York Times, Washington Post, Ebony, Time, Playboy and other left-wing publications. He made waves and insulted a sporting icon this week by claiming in an NYT article that the notorious Colin Kaepernick is comparable to the late tennis player Arthur Ashe, a huge disservice to the former Wimbledon champion.

Colin Kaepernick's media apologists are crowing about his Thursday summary judgment phase victory after an arbitrator ruled his collusion case against the NFL can move forward. Media are calling it a big blow for the NFL, a big victory for Kaepernick, claiming the NFL may want to settle the case and speculating on Kaepernick's attorneys deposing President Donald Trump prior to the trial. The regular season opens next Thursday, but the social justice-crusading Kaepernick is all the media rage.

Many reputable journalists have been left scratching their heads by CNN’s botched handling of their increasingly dubious report claiming then-candidate Trump knew about the Trump Tower meeting in advance. Despite their sources (Michael Cohen’s attorney Lanny Davis) retreating from his original claims, CNN continued to stand by their assertions while other news outlets cried uncle. And after President Trump mocked one of the reporters of the claim, the network lashed out.

An NBC-Wall Street Journal poll of 900 registered voters taken last week finds that 54 percent of respondents rate NFL anthem protests as inappropriate. In contrast, the overwhelming narrative of sports media is supportive of the protests, demonstrating once more that media are out of touch with mainstream American thinking.


ESPN President Jimmy Pitaro says it's a huge misconception that his network is "political," but his employees keep making him eat his words. On Tuesday, First Take co-hosts Max Kellerman and Stephen A. Smith attacked President Donald Trump and his friend, golfer Tiger Woods, for reasons having nothing to do with sports, demonstrating that ESPN can accurately be described as the “Entertainment Sports and Political Network.”

Throughout the day on Monday, on-air personalities on Fox News pointed out that the media did not always have the admiration for Arizona Senator and 2008 Republican Presidential candidate John McCain that they have demonstrated over the past 48 hours in the wake of his passing.

As of 1:00 p.m. Tuesday, CNN has not spent a second of airtime on Monday night’s revelation that Michael Cohen’s lawyer, Lanny Davis now admits to lying on-air to Anderson Cooper when he denied being a key source for a massively-hyped news item CNN broke last month.

In a segment titled “So many lies, So little time” on his Sunday show Reliable Sources, CNN's Brian Stelter complained about the hardship of fact-checking every one of President Trump's statements: “Should there be a bug in the corner of the screen that says, ‘Warning, the president's probably misleading you again’?” A panelist later offered another imaginative suggestion: to assume that everything the president said was false, and “fact-check him backwards.”