Help Me, Bob Iger. You’re My Only Hope.

June 21st, 2024 5:26 PM

On Oct. 30, 2012, Disney acquired Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion and, with it, “Star Wars.” Since then, Disney’s stewardship of a property George Lucas himself often failed to steward wisely has descended into farce. There is an old joke that the proof time travel is not real is because George Lucas did not die after the release of “Return of the Jedi” in 1983. Lucas went on to continually re-…


‘Feminist Hags’ Blast Butker’s Pro-Woman Speech

May 21st, 2024 12:31 PM

Kansas City Chiefs Kicker Harrison Butker gave a speech at Benedictine College emphasizing Christian values and the role of family in a woman's life. The speech provoked a backlash from feminists and social justice advocates, with one news outlet suggesting that Butker should be replaced with a female kicker.


ICYMI: CBS Joins in, NBC Ups Hate for Butker Over ‘Firebrand’ Speech

May 20th, 2024 1:19 PM

On Friday, CBS finally joined the virulently anti-family liberal media’s rhetorical lynch mob fighting to convict Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker in the court of public opinion with a discussion during CBS Mornings and, while ABC moved on, NBC’s Today upped the intensity of its disgusting and hypocritical venom toward a speech about the importance of the family.


ABC Journo, KJP Team Up to Slam Butker for Pro-Life, Pro-Family Speech

May 17th, 2024 9:48 AM

ABC reporter Karen Travers used her round of Q&A during Thursday’s White House press briefing to invite a willing accomplice in Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre to join the liberal media mob against Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker for his alleged crime of giving a pro-family, pro-life, pro-parenting commencement address at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas.

Column: Boos and Hisses for the Kansas City Kicker

May 17th, 2024 6:08 AM

On May 14, Kansas City Chiefs placekicker Harrison Butker gave the commencement address at Benedictine College, a Catholic school in Kansas. Within 48 hours, the media elites were ablaze with outrage. There’s a “growing uproar,” warned NBC’s Hoda Kotb.


EYE ROLL: Here’s the Worst Moments From Drew Barrymore’s Kamala Chat

April 30th, 2024 11:26 AM

Vice President Kamala Harris’s taped interview with actress-turned-daytime-talk-show host Drew Barrymore aired Monday and while it was a brisk watch, it nonetheless remained a gag-tastic abomination as Barrymore sat Indian-style on her curvy couch and held hands with Harris as she gushed over the awkward far-left politician as America’s “Mamala” and someone the country “respects so much” who…

Lance Trover Lulu Garcia-Navarro Kasie Hunt Dana Bash CNN This Morning 4-1-24

CNN Women Praise Burgum PR Man For Being 'Evolved' on Women's Sports

April 1st, 2024 2:50 PM

On CNN This Morning, Dana Bash and Kasie Hunt praise GOP strategist Lance Trover for being "evolved" after he says that after reading a profile of LSU women's basketball coach Kim Mulkey which talks about her pugnacious approach, he wondered if a male coach would have been given the same treatment. 


NewsBusters Podcast: A Sappy Rerun for Christine 'No Evidence' Ford

March 22nd, 2024 10:39 PM

Christine Blasey Ford provided what they call “no evidence” to back up her 2018 claim that Brett Kavanaugh assaulted her when they were teens. Kavanaugh fiercely denied the charge. But CBS and ABC and NPR have provided sappy publicity for her new book – which provides no new evidence of her story.


ABC Plays State-Run Media for Biden on Womens Health Executive Order

March 18th, 2024 5:33 PM

ABC’s Good Morning America went head-first on Monday into promoting the “bloodbath” hoax against former President Trump, melting down over their claims that he said America will be a “bloodbath” if he loses (when he was referring to what a flood of Chinese-affiliated electric vehicles would do to U.S.-based workers). But at the same time they were bashing Trump’s “dark”, “incendiary…

PBS Doc Champions One-Sided 'News' Site for Feminists, LGBTQ Activists

February 21st, 2024 3:55 PM

“Breaking the News,” the latest entry in PBS’s documentary series “Independent Lens,” celebrated the 2020 launch of news start-up The 19th* (asterisk included), which became a popular source for the most woke of PBS NewsHour journalistic guests. The doc’s creators are clearly on the same wavelength with the feminist, LGBTQ-oriented site. From the “About…


PBS Tries to Mansplain ‘Barbie’ Oscar Sexism to WashPost Movie Critic

January 27th, 2024 10:39 PM

PBS’s arts and culture reporter Jeffrey Brown performed the trick of making the Washington Post’s liberal movie critic Ann Hornaday sound objective and reasonable, on Wednesday evening’s edition of the NewsHour, in a segment on the Oscar nominations that appeared online under the heading, “Oscar nominations spark controversy with snubs of Barbie’s Margot Robbie, Greta Gerwig…


Amanpour Touts 'Barbie' as 'Subversively, Seriously Feminist' on PBS

January 18th, 2024 10:29 AM

On the PBS show Amanpour & Co., host Christiane Amanpour celebrated Latino actress America Ferrera and her monologue in the Barbie movie. Ferrera said  "it's the Barbie movie that no one asked for. That no one thought we needed, you know." Amanpour shot back: "And kind of subversively, seriously feminist."

NPR Host Gushes Over Nasty Feminist Website Jezebel After It Ends

November 14th, 2023 4:25 PM

The nasty feminist blog named Jezebel was shut down by its owner G/O Media last week, after a long run of outrages. But NPR All Things Considered anchor Juana Summers interviewed its founder Anna Holmes and gushed over how it was essential reading and "really relevant." All Things Considered never considered a conservative rebuttal. Call it All Conservative Views Ignored…


Washington Post EXPOSED for Sneaky Campaign to Cancel a Pizza Festival

September 23rd, 2023 8:05 AM

On Friday, The Washington Post published a hit piece on Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy and his pizza festival in New York this weekend. It was a sad ending for the Post, since Portnoy exposed their cancel-culture attempts in a videotaped phone call on Wednesday that he put online. Not a single pizza merchant pulled out.