On the late Wednesday/early Thursday edition of the Late Night show on NBC, host Seth Meyers excoriated the "conservative movement" as a "fraud' as he attacked Vice President Mike Pence for not wearing a mask to visit a Mayo clinic, Fox News hosts for pushing to begin reopening the economy, and FreedomWorks for applying for a federal government loan.

On CNN's New Day, Alisyn Camerota asks Nancy Pelosi whether there are any Republicans on the coronavirus bailout "oversight" committee she created. It is an open, published, fact that Pelosi appointed only Democrats to the panel, including rabid Trump haters like Maxine Waters and Jamie Raskin. Pelosi doesn't answer the question directly, making instead the mind-boggling claim that "the appointments I made to the committee are, I think, create a chemistry of working in a bipartisan way." Camerota fails to follow up, asking for a simple yes or not to her question as to the presence of Republicans on the committee.

While Wednesday’s CBS Evening News was the only broadcast newscast to report on the stock market’s rally following a breakthrough with coronavirus-fighting drug Remdesivir, they threw cold water on anyone who dared to have hopeful thoughts about the economy improving.

Getting my parents and grandparents to talk about their experiences during the Great Depression and World War II was always difficult. They lived in the pre-Dr. Phil generation before people went public with their deepest thoughts. I have been thinking how they might have responded to the current panic caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. I suspect their reactions would come in ways far different from ours.

On Monday's Amanpour & Co. on PBS and CNN International, the program showed a pre-recorded interview between NPR weekend anchor Michel Martin and former Republican Senator Bill Frist in which Martin tried to suggest hypocrisy on the part of pro-life Republicans who have pushed to reopen some states during the pandemic. Frist bristled at her attempt to link the pandemic to abortion and scolded her for doing so: "You can go to abortion and talk about -- make it political -- I'm not going to go there -- you can try to force it there."

The farcical New York Times dealt with the question of re-opening our coronavirus-devastated economy by stoking progressive alarmism about racial and economic “inequality.” The Times published a preposterous story headlined with a false equivalency, “Job or Health? Restarting the Economy Threatens to Worsen Economic Inequality.” Author Jim Tankersley grumbled in the sub-headline that “The coronavirus recession has exacerbated the racial and income divides in America.” Tankersley continued: “Lifting restrictions too soon will make them worse and leave workers with a bleak choice.” That logic taken out of the dustbin of progressive economics was plastered on the front page of The Times April 28, print edition.

A month after President Trump had invoked the Defense Production Act calling on General Motors to manufacture ventilators for the coronavirus crisis, CBS Evening News refused to acknowledge that fact as they praised to automaker on Monday. This came after the newscasts had repeatedly insisted the Trump administration wasn’t doing anything to have desperately needed equipment made here at home. CBS also misled viewers on how the federal government would handle virus testing.

There's perhaps nothing more elitist than major national journalists whining about unemployed people getting their income back since they don’t need to worry about losing their jobs overnight. But the elitist anger of CBS Evening News and NBC Nightly News notably only found select targets Monday night: red states, while states ran by Democrats were largely sheltered from their scorn.

The liberal media love to complain when they feel that President Trump has disrespected them. So how, if at all, will the MSM react to Nancy Pelosi telling Jake Tapper to "just calm down" when he asked about her failure to get state and local funding in the latest bailout bill? Pelosi has been all over television getting softball questions. So when Tapper asked if she made a "tactical mistake," she wasn't in front of her ice cream freezer any more.

Liberal New York Times economist Paul Krugman needed to dip into the graveyard of famous newspaper headlines to spit childish hyperbole at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). Krugman went #PeakWoke at McConnell’s suggestion that states should file for bankruptcy. Ironic that the guy who wrote the Keynesian book “Arguing with Zombies: Economic, Politics, and the Fight for a Better Future,” would attempt to revive a zombie headline from roughly 45 years ago to continue proving his lefty bias.

Los medios en español de la nación regresaron a su tropo habitual, en esta ocasión al tildar de "antiinmigrante" la orden ejecutiva del presidente Donald Trump que limita la inmigración por 60 días. El propósito de la orden temporal es salvaguardar a la población del COVID-19, y proteger la fuerza laboral estadounidense, pero según Telemundo, la orden solo sirve para angustiar aún más a los inmigrantes de la nación. 

The nation’s Spanish-language media has fallen back on a familiar trope, smearing President Donald Trump’s executive order limiting immigration for 60 days as “anti-immigrant”. The temporary measure is meant to safeguard the population from COVID-19, and to protect the U.S. labor force, but Telemundo depicts the order as only serving to further anguish the nation's immigrants.