It turns out that former North Carolina Senator John Edwards was right and there are, in fact, two Americas. In one America, concerns over an unsecure border vis-à-vis potential ISIS threats and the spread of communicable disease are totally reasonable and given a fair hearing. In the other America (pun fully intended), a network news program ostensibly solely devoted to the preservation of Obama’s Coalition of the Ascendant flippantly dismisses such concerns as racist paranoia, and no rebuttal need be sought or offered.

El programa Al Punto con Jorge Ramos, por Univisión, invitó recientemente a una joven figura de pensamiento libertario que viene cobrado cada vez mayor relevancia entre los hispanohablantes, particularmente a raíz de un poderoso mensaje que se volvió viral en las redes sociales. Se trata de la guatemalteca Gloria Álvarez, quien habló ante el primer Parlamento Iberoamericano de la Juventud, en España, denunciando un flagelo al que ella describe como el «populismo» que asola a Hispanoamérica.

When Univision highlighted Bush’s speech in its nightly news broadcast, true to form, it focused solely on immigration. On top of that, out of all the content on immigration discussed by the former Governor, Univision’s sole focus was that Bush “suggested that undocumented immigrants be invited to leave the United States”.

El comediante méxicoestadounidense George López hizo recientemente comentarios reveladores acerca de sus percepciones políticas. Durante una entrevista con Jorge Ramos de Univisión, López dijo que no se identifica públicamente como demócrata o republicano. Sin embargo, reconoció que enfrenta un dilema:

Mexican-American comedian George Lopez recently offered some telling commentary about his politics. During an interview with Univision’s Jorge Ramos, Lopez said he does not publicly identify as either a Democrat or Republican. However, he acknowledged he faces a quandary.

The central premise of a recent New York Times article is simple enough: If only Republicans were to submit to Univision on immigration, then they may receive more favorable coverage that does not depict them to the network’s Hispanic viewership as hateful, racist, anti-immigrant monsters, and then they may have a chance to garner more of the Hispanic vote, with the blessing of the community’s self-appointed gatekeeper.

There was much outrage and strong reaction upon release of the 2016 GOP presidential debate schedule and its exclusion of Univision. However, anchor Jorge Ramos’ recent concurrent articles on immigration prove the GOP’s point precisely, and render any further debate on the matter to little more than sound and fury that signifies nothing.

El Noticiero Telemundo presentó recientemente un reportaje acerca del impacto que se espera que tenga en la economía la reciente acción ejecutiva del presidente Obama en beneficio de millones de inmigrantes que residen en el país sin autorización. Podría decirse que el reportaje se divide en dos partes:

The nation’s second most widely viewed Spanish-language newscast, Noticiero Telemundo, recently presented an entirely slanted report about the projected economic impact of the executive action by President Obama that lifts the threat of deportation that faced millions of immigrants who live in the United States without authorization.

A few days ago, we shined a light on Univision’s Fernando Espuelas. His on-air response, on the Univision America radio network, was quite interesting, to say the very least.

Espuelas devoted his entire show (two hours broadcast from coast-to-coast!) to denouncing nameless, faceless “right-wing media organizations” and “Latinito” sell-outs who had the audacity to offer any critique of his broadcast, his network, or the ideology he attempts to sell his audience.

El legendario comediante mexicano Roberto Gómez Bolaños, el aclamado Chespirito, murió el 28 de noviembre, a los 85 años. Fue el creador e intérprete de series populares que se difundieron en todo el mundo hispanohablante para deleite de generaciones de televidentes.

This past Nov. 28, legendary Mexican comedian Roberto Gómez Bolaños, creator and protagonist of several television comedy series enjoyed for decades throughout the Spanish-speaking world, died at age 85. 

As to be expected, Univision, the leading Spanish-language television network in the United States, featured the news of Gómez Bolaños, better known as “Chespirito”, prominently as the lead story of its flagship newscast that day. But Chespirito’s passing wasn’t only the lead story on Nov. 28. It was the ONLY story during the entire Noticiero Univision broadcast, not only on the day of his passing, but on Nov. 29 and Nov. 30 as well.