Wishful thinking from The Washington Post.

Barry Bonds is responsible for cheating his fans, his fellow players, and himself.

U. Washington study finds that watching DVDs and television costs toddlers six to eight vocabulary words per hour.

Entertainment media and advertisers are promoting the wrong values and the wrong role models.

ABC asks tough questions about drug abuse, but not about marrying the father of her child.

Religious convictions are trumped by patients' lifestyle preferences.

Never underestimate a federal bureaucracy. The FCC has struck again.

Jeremy Hernandez models courage and responsibility for the inner city kids he works with.

The network obscures the broader conflict within a church whose American leadership has repudiated traditional Christian beliefs about God and Scripture.

The House version of the children's 'health' bill attacks abstinence education and promotes abortion.

A story on the House ethics bill paints Capitol Hill corruption as an exclusively Republican problem. The next day's revised version injects a little balance, but not enough.

Nets either ignore far left professor's dismissal, or mischaracterize him as a martyr.