It's a day that ends in a “Y,” so that must mean there's an Associated Press article that hypes the woes of lesbian teen, Constance McMillen.

Lisa Miller's latest Catholic-hating article calls the Church 'ingrown' and 'out of touch with people.'

Huffington Post columnist Brian D. McLaren compares Evangelical Christians to Milgram experiment.

Maureen Dowd joins media's appeal for liberal reforms in the Catholic Church.

Media outlets applied two different standards to vice presidents' slips – Cheney's viewed as a breach of decorum and Biden's as 'excited profanity.'

Tamara McClintock Greenberg claims U.S. is far from being a dignified society.

Henry Rollins warns of a 'return to the dim-bulb cruelty and religious fascism' of the past.

Only ABC, NPR noted the Scouts centennial.

'Imus in the Morning' offers much-needed retort to anti-America Hollywood

A front-page story by Sam Dillon pushes uniform standards for pubilc schools nationwide, and buries the ideological edge of the issue: Conservative opposition.

Austin-based reporter James McKinley Jr. constantly declaims about "conservatives" who want to soften the liberal edge of school textbooks, but ignores the presence of the far-left Hispanic nationalist group MEChA featured in a photo.

Not even guest Jesse Ventura agrees with the HLN host.