Two studies published by Pediatrics find that sexy TV shows are associated with higher teen pregnancy rates, and violent video games with increased hostility in children.

David Waters accuses the Christian ministry of fear-mongering in a letter warning of the possible consequences of electing Obama.

Should the leading leftwing Web site be providing a platform for such ill-informed, rage-driven rants? Whatever happened to civility?

The legion of leftist actors is remaining silent during this election for fear of tainting Obama.

Is your daughter trick-or-treating in the Wicked School Girl costume this year?

For all intents and purposes, the latest issue is a Barack campaign flyer.

David Kirkpatrick on McCain: "His campaign has pelted his rival with attacks that make some of his old advisers wince, like questioning Mr. Obama's patriotism or tying him to 'a domestic terrorist.'"

The weekly political assessment leans heavily toward pro-Obama topics.

Marriage and family therapist missed an opportunity to speak on long-term effects of young girls dressing in inappropriate Halloween costumes on CBS's Early Show.

Two reviews of gay marriage films in one day, with a gay slasher film review tossed in.

And it has something to do with personal responsibility, religion and marriage. Go figure

Media cover frivolous issue while refusing to dig deeper into Obama's past.