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Perhaps an attempt to reignite the media firestorm over Karl Rove, a front page story in Thursday's Washington Post based on a secret June 2003 State Department memo "central" to the Valerie Plame leak investigation and leaked to staff writers Walter Pincus and Jim VandeHei was given a misleading headline which prompts readers into thinking Valerie Plame's was widely known in the Bush administration as that of a covert CIA agent.

Not an instance of bias, but a touch of humor: The Late Late Show's host Craig Ferguson gently ribbed his network's entertainment and news lineup during his opening monologue last night/this early morning, scoring laughs off the tedium of CBS's 60 Minutes by comparing that show to braving long lines at theme parks.

Newspapers continue faulty approach to tax cuts.

Trish Regan ignores the numbers to criticize Greenspans 'rosy forecast'.

In an interview taped a couple of days ago but aired on this morning's (Thursday's) show, Katie Couric asked Bill Clinton whether he thought Executive Branch employees should be fired for any ethical lapse, whether or not it was criminal:

"President Clinton as you well know President Bush has been under fire recently because Karl Rove allegedly released the identity of a CIA agent to reporters. President Bush has said it's a fireable offense now if a crime was committed but in your view is the ethical violation enough to warrant dismissal?"

NYT reporter Hassan Fattah touts a left-wing anti-war report on civilian casualties in Iraq, a Wednesday story topped with a headline that betrays none of the politicized controversy over the report. Instead the head lends the hodge-podge "report" (basically a collection of news clippings) a false sense of authority: "Civilian Toll in Iraq Is Placed at Nearly 25,000." As if it's the authorative word on the matter.

"Michael Moore, Truth Teller." -- July 18 headline in the NYT's art section.

John Roberts, the CBS News correspondent, gives grudging respect to the White House for message management, if not the Supreme Court nominee who shares his name, in a web posting to today.

In his analysis piece on whether Judge John Roberts will face smooth sailing towards confirmation or be shipwrecked by a liberal Democratic "Borking," CBS News legal analyst Andrew Cohen says to "Go Ahead and Bet the Ranch" that Roberts is the next associate justice of the US Supreme Court.

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Recent stories on ABC’s World News Tonight have shown conflicting takes on whether global warming has caused the current hurricane season – the first story supporting the theory, the second story (with a different anchor and reporter) dismissing global warming’s role. On World News Tonight Saturday on July 9, anchor Dan Harris relayed that scientists are wondering whether global warming is responsible for the early creation of strong hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean.

In my last post, I relayed how Inside Politics (IP) had not picked up on a new poll showing decreasing support for Osama bin Laden in the Arab world and a concurrent increase of belief in democratic reform. Well, IP again ignored that story today, fixating again on a Karl Rove angle to the Valerie Plame leak investigation. Senior political analyst Bill Schneider, however, did have time to rattle off negative poll results for President Bush hot off the presses from the Washington Post dealing with, you guessed it, the Karl Rove story. Of the 11 segments aired on IP, only 3 had nothing to do with Rove: a Bruce Morton piece on state dinners under President Bush versus other recent presidents; the "political bytes" segment about 2008 hopefuls campaigning at the National Governor's Association meeting in Des Moines, Iowa, over the weekend; and "blog reporter" Jacki Schechner on a blogger who was fired after her boss read her blog. [click title bar for full post]

Network assaulted industry but didnt give them any chance to respond.

Clay Waters of MRC's TimesWatch caught a CNN employee calling Rove's version of the Valerie Plame story "bullshit" as Dobbs introduced a report from Dana Bash. The last reporter seen sitting next to Dobbs at the anchor desk was Kitty Pilgrim, and the unidentified voice is similar to Pilgrim's. The following occurred on Friday night's Lou Dobbs Tonight: Lou Dobbs: "Tonight, a surprising new development in the CIA leak investigation. Karl Rove's testimony to a federal grand jury is being reported. The testimony suggests that President Bush's political adviser may not have been the original source for the Valerie Plame leak. Rove testifying that he first learned about Plame from columnist Robert Novak, a CNN contributor. Dana Bash reports." Unidentified Voice: "That's bullshit."