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Former Time reporter Nina Burleigh – the infamous feminist journalist who once announced "I'd be happy to give [Bill Clinton oral sex] just to thank him for keeping abortion legal" -- has a new article at The New York Observer on “The Year In Sexism.”
Even the trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell in May was used audaciously as a feminist moment to correct those who “demonize abortion generally.” She insisted while late-term abortions were violent and gruesome, so is childbirth:

In late December, Daily Kos featured writer Denise Oliver Velez asked her readers to select "the group or individual whose words and/or deeds [in 2013] best exemplified bigotry and the active effort to suppress and oppress people of color in the United States, in the manner exemplified by the Ku Klux Klan."

On Sunday, Oliver Velez reported that well over 9,000 votes had been cast in the poll, and that the winner was... the GOP's Tea Party wing, which received 23 percent. First runner-up was Rush Limbaugh, at 19 percent, with Fox News Channel finishing third at 17 percent.

Liberal MSNBC anchor Ed Schultz on Monday used the cold snap hitting much of the country to push two left-wing agendas. He lectured "heartless and cruel" Republicans to extend unemployment because of the chill and, at the same time, blamed the low temperatures on global warming. [See video of both clips below. MP3 audio here.]

The Ed Show host blasted, "Not only can we [sic] stop the wind from blowing, we can't stop the Republicans from being heartless and cruel!" Schultz concluded that since it's very cold out, "we need to be taking...some special measurements to help people who have been unemployed for a long time." Later, the anchor wondered if climate change was the culprit for the deep freeze.

Do liberal journalists ever get tired of pretending to offer conservative Republicans sage campaign advice? The latest example is the Daily Beast's Jamelle Bouie, who insists that "barring catastrophe" the GOP's anti-ObamaCare message will prove "irrelevant" to Republican success in November.

"[I]nstead of rehashing the rhetoric of the last four years, Republicans should start to think a little harder about what–if anything–they want out of a health care system," Bouie concluded his January 6 story, after having explained why he thinks beating the drum against ObamaCare's failures won't help the GOP:

The Washington Post slammed Charles and David Koch  for their “political network” on the paper’s front page Jan. 6, but they partnered with a group funded by George Soros to get their information.

The Post proudly stated its partnership with the Center for Responsive Politics (CRP), a group they labeled “nonpartisan.” Nowhere in their 2,457-word hit job on the Kochs, did the Post mention CRP’s Soros funding or Soros’ similar network of organizations and media outlets he uses to influence politics and the economy.

On Friday, in response to supposedly right-leaning New York Times columnist David Brooks admitting to having used marijuana in the past, one MSNBC anchor was inspired to give a five and a half minute segment recalling a near arrest experience while going through security to attend the 2000 Republican National Convention in Philadelphia. [See video after jump. MP3 audio here.]

For over a year, the folks at MSNBC have been pushing a tired narrative that Republicans are engaged in a “war on voting.” Sadly, the rhetoric on MSNBC over “voter suppression” seemed to have taken an ugly turn on one of its flagship programs, Andrea Mitchell Reports.

On January 6, anchor Andrea Mitchell began her segment on voting rights lamenting how in 2013 “[t]he Supreme Court effectively gutted the 1965 Voting Rights Act in June last year when the court struck down a key provision opening the door for states and localities to undo nearly a half century of voting rights gains.” Appearing alongside Ms. Mitchell was Sherrilyn Ifill of the NAACP who charged that new voting laws across the nation were “anti-American.”

On Monday's CBS This Morning, Charlie Rose predictably placed the blame for the unusually cold weather in North America on climate change. Rose wondered, "Is it definitely connected to global warming?"

Rose and co-anchor Norah O'Donnell turned to climate change alarmist Bryan Walsh of Time magazine, who only cited vague "theories...that some of the're seeing up in the Arctic might be changing the atmospheric circulation in that part of the world...and maybe, makes these cold spells a little more likely than they otherwise be." [MP3 audio available here; video below the jump]

MSNBC’s Irin Carmon -- the New York Abortion Access Fund's 2013 Champion for Choice award winner-- never hesitates in showing her support for “reproductive rights.” Whether it be in the newly established website or on the airwaves of MSNBC, Carmon bemoans any attempts made by state legislatures to make abortion clinics safer through health department regulation.

It should come as no surprise then that a January 6 piece by Ms. Carmon -- and her subsequent appearance alongside MSNBC host Thomas Roberts during his 11 a.m. Eastern program -- would strike a similar tone to her previous work on the subject of abortion. Carmon began her story by huffing that:

The constitutionality of two of Texas’s abortion restrictions is being debated in a federal appeals court here. But for Texans seeking abortions, the full weight of the law, most of which is already in force, is anything but theoretical.

In a report for Sunday's NBC Nightly News, White House correspondent Kristen Welker eagerly promoted efforts by President Obama to use class warfare against Republicans leading up to the 2014 midterm elections: "President Obama will aim to reboot his presidency this year after a rocky 2013. The first item on the agenda will be extending unemployment insurance benefits....In his weekly media message, Mr. Obama blamed Republicans for leaving those benefits out of last month's budget deal." [Listen to the audio or watch the video after the jump]

A clip played of Obama ranting: "And denying families that security is just plain cruel. We're a better country than that." Moments later, Welker proclaimed: "The President will also renew his call for an increase in the minimum wage in his State of the Union address. Another piece of a Democratic strategy designed to paint Republicans as the party of the rich ahead of the fall elections."

Appearing as a guest on Friday's PoliticsNation on MSNBC, during a discussion of conservative Christians making plans to push their agenda, liberal guest Frank Schaeffer charged that Republicans have a "pathological hatred" of President Obama, asserted that the GOP's goal is to "Stop the first African-American President from succeeding at all costs," and then drew a parallel with racist opposition to school intregration decades ago.

After recounting conservative concerns about same-sex marriage, Schaeffer continued:

The New York Times issued an editorial on New Year’s Day demanding that massive leaker Edward Snowden “deserved better” than exile in Moscow. He deserved clemency or a plea bargain so he could come home. On Friday night’s “Cavuto” on Fox Business, guest anchor Melissa Francis interviewed MRC director of media analysis Tim Graham, who didn’t like the paper’s choices for hero worship.

Graham declared: “If the New York Times had a Man of the Year, like Time magazine has a Person of the Year, it’s clearly Snowden. Snowden is their hero!”

Fifty years after it was first waged by LBJ, the federal War on Poverty has worked, and not only that, it's been a "wild success," the Daily Beast's Michael Tomasky is insisting.

Great, that being the case, we can de-mobilize and drastically cut back spending on social welfare, right? Heaven forbid! No, Tomasky wants to double-down with efforts at tackling "income inequality." Of course, along the way he insists that things under Republican presidents -- but particularly Reagan -- were absolutely dreadful for the lowest-income earners in American society (emphasis mine):


All three networks on Monday morning hyped the news that Liz Cheney is dropping her bid for a U.S. Senate seat in Wyoming. ABC, CBS and NBC used the opportunity to replay the "divisive" "family feud" Mrs. Cheney had with her gay sister, Mary, as she defended traditional marriage. On CBS This Morning, Jan Crawford again quoted Mary Cheney publicly lecturing, "You're just wrong, and on the wrong side of history."

On the Today show, Kelly O'Donnell opined, "Her campaign was brief and divisive." [See video below. MP3 audio here.] She added, "But then her campaign exposed a stunningly public family feud over same-sex marriage, when sister Mary Cheney, and Mary's wife Heather Poe, criticized Liz's opposition to gay marriage." In addition to focusing on gay marriage, NBC highlighted this as a failure for the Cheney brand. O'Donnell concluded that a "famous name and fierce ambition wasn't enough."

Sometimes I think people at MSNBC have Sarah Palin on the brain.

In a Morning Joe segment about Melissa Harris-Perry’s apology to the Romney family for mocking their adopted black grandson, and former Governor Mitt Romney’s classy acceptance of said apology, host Joe Scarborough for some reason decided to take a totally unprovoked and unnecessary cheap shot at Sarah Palin (video follows with transcript and commentary):