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In a Thursday front page New York Times story it was reported that Friends of Abe, a group made up of Hollywood conservatives like actors Gary Sinise and Kelsey Grammer, became the latest right-leaning group to be targeted by the IRS. Total Big Three (ABC, CBS, NBC) network time spent on this story: zero seconds.

However there was a celebrity news story the Big Three news networks did jump all over -- Justin Bieber getting arrested for drunk driving. From Thursday morning through Friday morning the Big Three networks, on their evening and morning shows, devoted a total of 36 minutes and 10 seconds to the troubled pop star.

In an exclusive report Thursday on al Qaeda's resurgence in Iraq, ABC's Martha Raddatz ignored President Obama's boast in 2012 that "al Qaeda is on the path to defeat." Raddatz's story aired on Thursday's ABC World News. In fact, the name "Obama" never came up in the story on Iraq falling apart.

President Obama made his claim at the Democratic National Convention during the height of his re-election campaign. Raddatz's story painted a very different picture of al Qaeda, however, as anchor David Muir introduced it: "America's biggest enemy making its return tonight. And where? Iraq."

On the Thursday, January 23, PoliticsNation on MSNBC, host Al Sharpton characterized voter ID laws as a "poll tax" as he celebrated the 50th anniversary of the abolition of poll taxes with the 24th Amendment's passage.

Even while acknowledging that the IDs are generally issued by states for free, Sharpton cited Attorney General Eric Holder and Georgia Democratic Rep. John Lewis in complaining that simply having to travel to obtain the free ID amounts to a tax. Sharpton began:

On Thursday, the Moody's credit-rating agency downgraded its assessment of U.S. health insurance companies from "stable" to "negative," citing ongoing woes in ObamaCare's rollout. This is, of course, is yet another piece of bad news for President Obama, coming just five days before his State of the Union address and shortly after a new Quinnipiac poll finding 53 percent of respondents believing the president is incompetent at his job.

Fortunately for Mr. Obama, the president enjoys a liberal news media intent on shielding the president -- and with him his congressional Democratic allies -- as best they can. On Thursday evening, none of the Big Three network evening newscasts even bothered to briefly mention the Moody's downgrade. Likewise none of the Big Three morning news programs thought it worthy of even a brief mention in a news-desk roundup. The New York Times -- motto: All the news that's fit to print -- also ignored the story in its Friday print edition.


The journalists at CBS This Morning on Friday appeared excited over the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, hyping the "cannabis capitalism" in the state and a new "pot tour" business that has sprouted up. Showing little skepticism, reporter Barry Petersen offered a light-hearted take: "Appropriately enough, the pot tour ends at a sub shop where Acapulco gold is a sandwich and they're ready to help with those marijuana munchies." [See video below. MP3 audio here.]

Petersen narrated, "Call it cannabis capitalism, the latest leaf to sprout from legalized marijuana. Michael Eymer's pot tours costs $240 bucks a person." The journalist offered a promotional look at the new industry: "Eymer has bookings and belief that he's in on one of Colorado's new growth industries. If I want to take the tour, how long am I going to have to wait to get aboard?"

For the second straight evening, NBC stuck with Chris Christie's "Bridge-gate" on Thursday as CBS and NBC haven't mentioned the story since Tuesday. And NBC's Nightly News tacked on a story about a dilapidated Trenton high school and connected its disrepair to Governor Christie.

"For his part, Governor Christie tonight is responding to an issue that's been festering for years, right there in the shadow of New Jersey's state house," anchor Brian Williams noted of the school. Nowhere did NBC even wonder about the negligence of the city's Democratic Mayor Tony Mack, who currently is on trial for federal charges of corruption.

Hollywood better be careful if it values its ability to insult and alienate conservative Americans. On the heels of the implicitly patriotic and plainly pro-military “Lone Survivor” comes an even less likely studio offering. “Gimme Shelter” will be out in wide release and boasts an A-list cast – and it’s the story of a young girl risking everything to save her unborn baby.

The Ronald Krauss film follows pregnant teenager “Apple” (Vanessa Hudgens) as she flees her abusive mother (Rosario Dawson) only to face rejection from her Wall Street father (Brendan Fraser) and find herself alone and desperate on the streets. Apple's luck changes when she encounters a kind hearted stranger (James Earl Jones) who guides her to a shelter for girls fighting to save their lives – and the lives growing within them. More after the trailer.

When Edgar Tamayo killed a police officer in Houston, he could have been defined by our national media as "an American living in the shadows." But in Thursday's New York Times, the headline was "Texas Executes Mexican Man for Murder."

Reporter Manny Fernandez began by noting outrage at Rick Perry's Texas from "the State Department, Mexican officials, and Latino advocates," but it wasn't until the second paragraph from the end that Fernandez whispered in print that Tamayo was "in the United States illegally."  The Times even took most of three paragraphs to get to the cop-killer part:

Jay Leno had some harsh words for President Obama last night. Speaking on the Tonight Show, Leno said that, “President Obama has a new political slogan. Yes we cannabis!

The long time Tonight Show host is ending his tenure at NBC in a few weeks and has used the opportunity to mock President Obama at every turn. One of his favorite targets has been the disastrous ObamaCare rollout, which he took full aim at on Thursday night. [See the full video below.]

In a live interview with former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney on Friday's NBC Today, co-host Savannah Guthrie grilled him on his interactions with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie: " see the bridge scandal and other allegations have come forward. And they all seem to have a theme, which is that he uses, allegedly, hardball, sometimes bullying tactics against people who cross him. Have you never experienced that side of him?" [Listen to the audio or watch the video after the jump]

Romney dismissed the notion: "No, Chris and I get along very well. We're close friends."

Know what’s really funny? Saying “vagina” a lot. And mocking the religious faith of others in service to your shallow ideology and your marginal comedy career.

So it’s really funny to be Sarah Silverman (except when it isn’t, because sometimes people can be so mean to an actress of a certain age.) For instance, she got to do a new anti-Christian, pro-abortion PSA in which she met Jesus – or as he called himself, “Jesus Fucking Christ.”

Sleazy comic uses savior to score points against Christians.

Roe v. Wade was horribly decided, as even some prominent supporters of abortion rights will agree.  But for now, it remains the law of the land.  And it establishes a constitutional right to abortion.  Amazingly, Thomas Roberts appears unaware of that.  

On today's Morning Joe, commenting on Mike Huckabee's speech of yesterday on how Dems wrongly accuse Republicans of a "war on women,"  Roberts twice said "if old white men could get pregnant, abortion would be a constitutional right."  View the video after the jump.

MRC director of media analysis Tim Graham appeared on Thursday’s Cavuto show on the Fox News Channel on the one-year anniversary of Hillary’s contemptuous performance in Senate testimony on the Benghazi fiasco. Host Neil Cavuto played a series of the media’s “greatest hits” of Hillary boosting and compared them to the media’s current aggression against Chris Christie.

Townhall’s Katie Pavlich also appeared to insist the media care more about boosting Hillary than about getting answers for the families who lost loved ones in the Benghazi terrorist attack. Graham said all the networks had a chance to interview Hillary and utterly failed to get answers: [Video, transcript below]

Something about the bitter cold that the protesters endured in Wednesday's March for Life brought out a bold commentary Wednesday night from Fox's Brit Hume on "Special Report."

"Science has given us an ever clearer picture of just how much of a baby a fetus is," he said. Liberals think the Republicans wage war on science, but they keep describing an eight-month-old baby as merely a "choice." Hume reminded the country that as many as 55 million unborn lives have been snuffed out in the 41 years since Roe v. Wade legalized abortion: