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The fascination with and excuse-making for long-gone communist dictators responsible for the murders of millions during their reigns is a long-standing phenomenon.

Both CNBC and the New York Times continued that hoary tradition last week. Each headlined reports on the 120th anniversary of the birth of Mao Zedong (whose name was written as Mao Tse-Tung until about two decades ago) with "Happy Birthday, Chairman Mao!" headlines. CNBC's appears after the jump (HT Twitchy; bolds are mine throughout this post):

As NewsBusters previously reported, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews devoted his entire Christmas Eve Hardball show to mercilessly attacking eleven conservatives with the assistance from a panel of some of the most conservative-hating liberals in the nation.

The folks at MSNBC must have really liked this show, for they actually reran it in its entirety Monday.

On Friday's PoliticsNation on MSNBC, host Al Sharpton asserted that Republicans "don't care" about the unemployed whose unemployment benefits are expiring and went on to accuse Republicans of having a "heartless ideology that says if you're out of work, you're out of luck."

Sharpton began the show:

As NewsBusters previously reported, the New York Times on Sunday published a controversial front page piece about the events surrounding last September's attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya. It immediately evoked harsh criticism from House Intelligence Committee chairman Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) who said on Fox News Sunday, "[T]hat story is just not accurate."

On Monday, Congressman Peter King (R. N.Y.), the chairman of the House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Counterintelligence and Terrorism, shared Rogers' disgust with the Times while telling Newsmax TV's Steve Malzberg the paper is trying to "help Hillary Clinton and also to take an issue away from Republicans no matter who the Democratic nominee is" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

On NPR’s Weekend All Things Considered on Sunday night, host Arun Rath said good riddance to 2013: “What a rotten year for American politics and politicians. I would both bore and depress you if I listed all the problems President Obama and Congress have faced or created in 2013.”

For more gloomy talk, he turned to Matt Miller, a liberal Washington Post columnist, a man that James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal quipped his “sole purpose in life seems to be to make the New York Times's Charles Blow look thoughtful.” (Miller asserted that naturally, the Philippines typhoon should cause more support for Obamacare.) On NPR Sunday night, Miller suggested that the problem in American politics is that the almost-trillion dollars spent on the Obama stimulus was far too “timid” and inadequate a spending program:

There are a lot of things that MSNBC claims that the GOP is engaged in a “war” on. Whether it’s a “war on women” or a “war on voting,” the folks at MSNBC can’t seem to go a day without finding something to smear conservatives.

Take Thomas Roberts on December 30, who during his 11:00 a.m. show announced “The biggest blow to voting rights this year was the Supreme Court's decision striking down a key piece of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.” In typical fashion, he brought on two liberal guests to slam the GOP over the MSNBC-labeled “war on voting” -- Ben Jealous, former head of the NAACP, and Mark Morial, the president of the National Urban League. The guests doubled down on the MSNBC line.

Appearing as a guest on the Friday, December 27, Hardball on MSNBC, comedian and Daily Beast columnist Dean Obeidallah -- who has also been a CNN contributor -- cracked that "conservatives hate a lot of women" as he recounted that the woman whose face appeared on the ObamaCare Web site had been tagged "the most despised woman in America"  by "some bloggers on the right," whom he failed to identify.

Sarah Kliff could barely contain her joy while exclaiming unto all the world in her Washington Post article about a supposed "December Deluge" in which "1.1 million have enrolled in" since the beginning of October. However, a very important word is missing in her story. The P-Word as in "PAID." Yes, according to Sarah, over a million "enrollees" have deluged the federal exchange website but is it unreasonable to wonder how they could have paid their premiums since, as yet, that website has no payment system set up.

However, far be it for me to spoil her party mood so let us now join Sarah exuberantly celebrating her "deluge" statistics which very conveniently doesn't mention PAID enrollees:

Stranded researchers were on Antarctic Expedition to study climate change.

A Russian research vessel has been stuck in thick ice in the Antarctic since Christmas morning, and predictably the big three networks are enjoying the novelty of such an event. However, despite the obvious news story, ABC, CBS and NBC have all missed one great irony in their reporting.

On Monday December 30, all three networks covered the story, but only CBS even used the words “climate change” when discussing the trapped ship. All three failed to point out the irony that this event is an embarrassment for those pushing the liberal “climate change” narrative.

Is it appropriate for former presidents married to a woman likely running for president to buy members of the media presents?

While you ponder the question, consider the following tweet from Larry King Monday thanking Bill Clinton for "the lovely holiday gift":

Let no one say that NBC/MSNBC are reluctant to criticize ObamaCare.  A leading NBC light boldly did so today . . . from the left, of course.  

Appearing on Morning Joe, Dr. Nancy Snyderman, NBC's chief medical editor, declared that there should be "a single-payer system" of health care.  That is the left's preferred solution, but brings with it a host of problems, as the Heritage Foundation has detailed.  For good measure, Snyderman said that she "made" her young-adult children sign up for Obamacare as their "patriotic duty." View the video after the jump.

MSNBC seems to really hate Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) as it has reached new lows to smear the Tea Party senator. Tired of using their usual attacks on the junior senator from Texas, the folks at the network have resorted to a new tactic, openly lying about his record on anti-Obama conspiracy theories.

Appearing as a fill-in host on Morning Joe on December 30, MSNBC host Thomas Roberts claimed Ted Cruz was a birther, “Ted Cruz was certainly big on the birther movement.” Most of the time, liberals merely joke that Cruz's birth in Canada to an American mother ties the birthers in knots. [See video after jump. MP3 audio here.]

Since the left-wing nonsense coming out of Hollywood can be just as obnoxious as anything you’d find on MSNBC, the MRC’s “Best Notable Quotables of 2013” once again includes our annual Barbra Streisand Political IQ Award for Celebrity Vapidity.

Past winners of this prestigious prize include: actress Jessica Lange in 2002 (“I despise him [George W. Bush]. I despise his administration and everything they stand for.”); The View’s Rosie O'Donnell in 2007 (“I just want to say something: 655,000 Iraqi civilians are dead. Who are the terrorists?”); and actor/director Rob Reiner in 2010 (“My fear is that the Tea Party gets a charismatic leader, because all they’re selling is fear and anger and that’s all Hitler sold.”)

This year’s winners and corresponding videos after the jump.

Former Today co-hosts Bryant Gumbel and Jane Pauley shared in the NBC anchoring duties on Monday’s Today, and Gumbel naturally returned to Republican-bashing form.

In a 7:30 am segment on the top news stories of 2013 as rated by users at, when the government shutdown came up, Gumbel argued it’s a “false equivalency” to blame both parties for the shutdown when all the blame should be on Republicans: [See video after jump. MP3 audio here.]