Rest In Peace, Racist Robin Williams?

Billy Crystal held it together for a heart-warming tribute to Robin Williams at the Emmy Awards: "The brilliance was astounding. The relentless energy was kind of thrilling. I used to think if I could just put a saddle on him and stay on him for eight seconds I was going to do okay.”

But The Independent (U.K.) noticed that on Twitter, Williams was denounced as “racist” for a routine in which he mocked a woman in a hijab in Iran saying “Help me!” That’s apparently racist? Making a little fun that perhaps a woman in Iran wouldn't feel liberated?

During a bit in which he was asked to improvise using a scarf from the audience, he pretended first to be an Indian woman in Bombay and then then turned the garment into a Muslim headscarf. Covering his face, he said, “I would like to welcome you to Iran…Help me!”

@hannahmstory wrote, “The person putting together the Robin Williams segment for the Emmys decided to use his racist material.”

@haltamiava added, “I'm still so shocked that the #Emmys would include such a racist bit in Robin Williams tribute. Out of all his great work, really?”

 @marathonpacks said, “After that, people who’d never heard of Robin Williams would think he’s Billy Crystal’s racist friend who was on a lot of talk shows?”

Why can't they just call it "Islamophobic" instead of "racist"? Because to so many lefties, attacking Islam is attack a religion of ethnic minorities, as if there aren't minorities who are Christians or Jews -- what they consider "imperialistic religions." has a package of five memorable Robin Williams roles:

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