Google Funds Anti-Conservative 'Hate Watch' Group Southern Poverty Law Center

January 23rd, 2019 9:20 AM

One of the world’s biggest tech companies funds one of the most prominent anti-conservative groups in the United States.

Google’s charitable branch has donated $250,000 to the Southern Poverty Law Center, since 2016. The SPLC is a liberal bastion of hate against Christians, conservatives, and anyone who dares to question left-wing values. It has worked with Google and its sister company YouTube in the past. The SPLC is also one of the trusted flaggers responsible for marking videos considered to be “hateful” on Google’s sister site YouTube.

Google also recently announced that it had launched a new program to pay its employees to do work for nonprofit groups that are partnered with Google. One of the partners, listed on’s website, is the SPLC. Google will theoretically pay its employees to work for the SPLC, should they choose to do so.

Google’s reason for funding the SPLC? “Funding a total redesign of the Teaching Tolerance website to ensure teachers can more easily access and integrate the content into their lessons. The funds will also support scaling of successful pilot curriculum aimed at teaching anti-bias, as well as high-quality teaching about slavery in the United States,” says

The company’s Teaching Tolerance Program has been influencing public schools since 1991. Part of the program includes encouraging teachers to focus on LGBTQ issues, use “gay and lesbian couples” as examples of traditional families, and to affirm multiple sexual identities in the classroom. The program targets schools that maintain neutrality on these issues as not being “inclusive enough.”

The SPLC attacks people as “hateful” and “extremists” on a regular basis once they run afoul of liberal identity politics. British Muslim Maajid Nawaz was smeared as an “anti-Islam extremist”  for calling for the modernization of Islam. He sued and won a case against the SPLC, forcing the organization to pay $3.375 million in damages.

The SPLC is also currently being sued by the Center for Immigration Studies, which has been wrongly designated as a hate group.

Shooter Floyd Lee Corkins said he was inspired by the SPLC’s infamous hate map to go after the Family Research Council back in 2012. He told investigators that the hate map was what led him to the building.  

Google refused to comment on its association with the SPLC.