Former Facebook Worker Deplatformed After Slamming PC Culture

July 21st, 2020 3:08 PM

After making a video criticizing diversity politics pandering in Big Tech, a Facebook worker was booted from the platform that formerly employed him.

Ex-Google and now ex-Facebook engineer Patrick Shyu is well known for his down-to-earth YouTube channel with over 720,000 subscribers. He gives unapologetically blunt takes from politics to Big Tech. His recent videos criticizing diversity politics in Big Tech and Black Lives Matter however, seem to have triggered Facebook In his July 17 video, “I got banned from Facebook (as a millionaire),” he went so far as to speculate that Facebook may be trying to “swing the election.”

Shyu scorched the platform in a video for providing  “no explanation, no customer support, not much of an appeals process.” He lampooned Facebook  for its petty scrubbing of former employees, saying, “This to me does not sound like much of a platform, which I believe Facebook was trying to build up. This sounds more like high school drama from an app which is really trying to play favorites.” 

Shyu suggested that he was deplatformed: “Probably because of my second YouTube channel, TechLead show,” which included content where he was “talking about BlackLivesMatter, about how there’s potential, there’s some scams around that, how its funding entities, Democratic arms.”

Indeed his other channel has multiple videos such as “Why Black Lives Matter is a scam #BlackLivesMatter” and “My response to Black Lives Matter #BlackLivesMatter (as an Asian minority)” exposing the BlackLivesMatter movement for its moral hypocrisies and reverse-racism against groups it scapegoats. In his video “Why Black Lives Matter is a scam #BlackLivesMatter” which has over 366,000 views he calls out the BlackLivesMatter movement for acting like a fundraising tool for rallying the Democratic base every election year.

He went on to explain, “I was just raising concerns” in the video, which then allegedly began to go viral. “My suspicion is that when I started talking about certain things, about these topics, that Facebook, maybe they don't like the stance that I have been taking on this and so they decided to just deplatform me.”

Shyu explained how Big Tech’s stranglehold not only what people are allowed to say, but on their ability to even be heard is setting up modernity to be a grim sci-fi dystopia: 

"I think it is quite disturbing the age of censorship in which we are entering with most communication dominated by these top-tier tech companies, and almost all of these companies have certain political bents and biases, in which they want to promote certain types of content and viewpoints and they want to de-prioritize other types of viewpoints.”

Shyu blasted the Big Tech establishment, saying Facebook clearly does not "want to promote an open, free discussion.”  He furthermore observed that, “there’s not really a neutral platform or means of discussion these days.” 

As a result, Shyu said, “there’s a lot of things that you cannot talk about, that you cannot say because if you did, you would lose your job or you would be de-platformed, or the algorithm would just shadowban you.”