Malkin, Trump Jr.: Punish RussiaGate Like Other Online Conspiracies

Big Tech has tried to shut down conspiracy theories online, but after the release of the Mueller Report on Sunday, bias watchdogs and conservative leaders are asking when RussiaGate will be treated the same way. 

Conservative commentator Michelle Malkin tweeted: “Since Silicon Valley companies are cracking down on harmful conspiracy theory disseminators, when will they start shadow-banning, suspending & throttling 99.99% of MSM's thoroughly discredited Russia collusion crackpots. #TickTock.” Malkin addressed Big Tech bias in her fiery speech at CPAC.

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted similar sentiments about RussiaGate, saying that the “conspiracy caucus” who pushed this theory should be held “accountable.” He added “These Democrat Truthers spent the last 2 years knowingly lying to the American people about collusion.They’ve disgraced their offices and should step down. #CollusionTruthers”

The Daily Caller reported on another set of tweets where the president’s son  blasted the biases of the media and political establishment:

“Sadly, instead of apologizing for needlessly destabilizing the country in a transparent attempt to delegitimize the 2016 election, it’s clear that the Collusion Truthers in the media and the Democrat Party are only going to double down on their sick and twisted conspiracy theories moving forward.
It’s my hope that honest journalists within the media have the courage to hold these now fully debunked truthers accountable and treat them with the scorn and ridicule that they so deserve.”

Free speech YouTuber Tim Pool tweeted his concern over the fact that many liberals are unwilling to believe the Mueller report’s findings. “Mueller is lying? Mueller, with all his assets and resources failed? Stop putting these conspiracy loons on TV.” He continued by asking “When did we go from ignoring conspiracy nutters to putting people like this on mainstream news shows?”

This was in Response to former Hillary Clinton and John Kerry adviser Peter Daou’s twitter thread calling the Mueller saga “the ultimate gaslighting of the American people.” 

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