AFP Reports IDF Killed Palestinian Man With Jeep, Leaves Out Critical Piece Of Information

June 16th, 2015 4:38 PM

It’s well known that the mainstream media loves to vilify the State of Israel for their ongoing defensive struggle against terrorist groups residing in Gaza and the West Bank. This weekend they sunk to a new low when Yahoo! News ran a report from the Agence France-Presse with the headline “Israel army kills West Bank Palestinian.” The article then began with  “Israeli soldiers killed a Palestinian man Sunday by hitting him with their jeep.” Accompanying the report on this supposed atrocity was a picture of a young protester with a toy slingshot.

It’s only after painting this picture of brutal repression that a more nuanced picture was painted with this single sentence in the third paragraph of the report: “An army spokesman told AFP that a Palestinian had died after he threw an incendiary device at a jeep and the vehicle overturned on him.”

The Jerusalem Post reported that protesters set up a rock barrier, then attacked the IDF jeep with Molotov cocktails. The jeep overturned onto one of the attackers after the startled driver attempted to veer away from the ambush.

After the attack and crash, the IDF soldiers attempted to provide medical treatment to the wounded attacker according to the Post, but he died on the scene shortly thereafter. It’s a standard practice of the IDF to provide emergency medical assistance to enemy combatants and Palestinian civilians when needed.