Les Moonves Stiffs Parking Valet Because He Only Carried Huge Wad of 100s

June 1st, 2015 7:43 PM

Look at the size of that wad! It's huge! And it is all 100 dollar bills! How much you carrying there, Les? $5000? $10,000? $20,000? More?

As we have seen, the networks declined to report that their CEOs including CBS CEO Les Moonves who earned over $54 million this past year were "overpaid." Perhaps they were embarrassed to report this. However, even more embarrassing is that Moonves is so cheap that he used a big wad of hundred dollar bills to stiff a restaurant parking valet out of a tip as you can see in the video on the Page Six report of the New York Post:

Les Moonves understands the value of good service, except when he only has $100 bills on him.

The CBS president and CEO recently suffered an embarrassing snafu when he found himself without any bills he deemed small enough to tip a valet with after Sumner Redstone’s birthday party. Even worse, the cringe-worthy moment was caught on camera by Leave My Name Out LA last week.

In video of the incident, the television exec can be seen picking up his car outside of Vibrato Restaurant in Bel Air, Calif., when he realizes he doesn’t have anything under a $100 bill.

“S—t, I only have $100 bills,” he says after checking his wallet.

The red-faced realization is followed by an awkward pause before the disappointed valet tells him not to worry about it. “I’ll get you next time,” the exec promises before getting in his car.

Gee, Les. You're the "overpaid" CEO of a major media company and it somehow never occurred to you that a parking valet probably has at least eight bucks in change on him as in "Here's a hundred, just give me back eighty." Or maybe you could have taken one very small sliver of paper off your huge wad and tipped the valet a (gasp!) whole hundred. Instead you used the hundred dollar bill excuse to stiff the valet. One has to wonder if the 54 Million Dollar Man has used that hundred dollar bills ploy to stiff other parking valets and/or waiters in the past. Yes,, I'm sure with all the bad publicity now focused on Moonves, the noted Obama supporter will find that parking valet and tip him a hundred or more bucks but had he not been caught on camera, the chances of that happening would probably be somewhere between nil and none.

The ironic thing here is that Moonves for all his network activity and working to make partisanship "very much a part of journalism" is not well known to the general public...until now. And now his lasting legacy, for which he will be forever remembered, is how the multi-millionaire stiffed a parking valet.

Exit question: Can forensic detectives out there estimate just how much that huge Moonves wad he pulled out is worth?