Steve Kroft Upset Over Getting 60 Minutes Treatment

"How do you live with yourself?"

Probably about as well as those many 60 Minutes reporters over the years who conducted numerous ambush interviews. What 60 Minutes correspondent Steve Kroft didn't like was that he was on the receiving end of an interview on the fly by a New York Post reporter. Call it karmatic kickback but it all started back in January when it was revealed that Steve Kroft had been having an affair with a mistress notable for the way he slurped champagne. For some background let us first review some of the New York Post highlights (or lowlights) of the scandal which broke in January before we take a look at Kroft's extreme anger at being treated the way mere mortals often are on 60 Minutes:

Veteran “60 Minutes” correspondent Steve Kroft has come clean about a steamy affair with a New York City lawyer, a fiery three-year fling that included hot hotel hookups and torrid text messages.

“I had an extramarital affair that was a serious lapse of personal judgment and extremely hurtful to my wife and family, and for that I have nothing but regret,” Kroft said in a statement to the Post.

...Kroft was getting his kink on with the aid of Viagra and racy text messages — including one in which he told his lover he “would rather be eating your pudding,” according to a new report from the National Enquirer, which hits newsstands Wednesday.

 ...The married CBS newsman — who once famously confronted Bill Clinton over the then-Arkansas governor’s rumored womanizing — convinced Harvard-educated Lisan Goines that he was trapped in a sexless marriage with his wife, author and fellow journalist Jennet Conant, the Enquirer reports.

...... One time, he was “pouring champagne in her behind and drinking the bubbly,” the report claims.

Most amusing was the only part of the report that Kroft went out of his way to deny, that he was an Obama lackey:

The newsman — who boasted to Goines that he was the “go-to’’ interviewer for President Obama — had some particularly unusual tastes in bed, the mag said.

When Kroft was asked on video about his affair he reacted with barely concealed rage as reported by the Post today:

TV journalist Steve Kroft got a taste of his own medicine when he was hit with an ambush interview about his leggy mistress Friday night on the Upper West Side.

The married “60 Minutes” newsman — known for jumping in front of interview subjects with a microphone — spat back a sarcastic retort when a Post reporter stuck a camera in his face to ask for his side of the story.

“The Post would be the first one I would give it to,” sniffed Kroft.

After snapping that he had nothing to say beyond what he already said a couple of times, Kroft goes walking off silently into the distance...until after a few seconds he angrily turned around and shouted, "How do you live with yourself?"

Check out the New York Post website for that must see video of the enraged Kroft.

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