Vox's Sarah Kliff Slams Obamacare Plaintiffs as Obama Haters

Forget about the legal merits of the King vs Burwell case which states that the Obamacare law actually means what it says: that subsidies should only go to state-run, not federal exchanges. What really counts according to Sarah Kliff of Vox is that the plaintiffs in this case are guilty of the thought crime of thinking ill of (GASP!) President Obama.

I'm not sure if even Saul Goodman would dare to make that argument but Sarah Kliff sure takes a good shot at it. The first plaintiff up for analysis in Vox's Room 101 is Rose Luck whose Those Crimes were posted in Facebook to the extreme disapproval of our Ms. Kliff

Well Obama told some more Bull*hit to night..trying to get his ratings back up..it didn't work with me I can read between the lines...Can you?

Wow! Case closed. If one of the King vs Burwell plaintiffs had such an unkind thought about Our Beloved, then it's settled. The case shouldn't even be argued before the Supreme Court. Kliff then moves to the King in the King vs Burwell case and also brings up his Thought Crime charges:

The lead plaintiff, David King, "brought up Benghazi" when Mother Jones asked him about the case. Separately, Politico's Jen Haberkorn found his Facebook posts describing Obama as "the idiot in the White House" and describing the president's political party as the "Democraps."

Finally, Kliff brings up a third plaintiff and, bizarrely, her crime is that she has committed no Thought Crime:

But then there's Barbara Levy, a 64-year-old resident of Richmond who used to belong to the Sierra Club and subscribe to Mother Jones — in other words, not exactly the woman you'd expect to challenging the president's signature legislative accomplishment.

So heads you lose, tails we win. If you think ill of Obama that means you have no case but even if you don't think badly about him, guess what? That's probably even worse so you also have no case.

Most of the rest of Kliff's article is about the "horrors" that would happen if the plaintiffs in this case win. Missing is any argument by Kliff on why the Supreme Court should rule against the plaintiffs based on the case itself. Perhaps Sarah Kliff Better Call Saul for some tips on how to make her case.

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