CNN Scammed by North Korean Parody Twitter Account

January 5th, 2015 2:26 PM

"Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un resolutely denounces extreme gullibility of U.S. Cable News Network jackals."

Okay, that wasn't a real tweet, just my parody version of what a tweet from North Korea could look like since CNN actually was quite gullible to the extent that they cited a tweet from the well known North Korean parody account of @DPRK_News as if it were the real deal. Although CNN eventually pulled the parody tweet citation, @Popehat who is the real author of the @DPRK_News preserved the screen shot below for all eternity so that future generations can laugh at both the CNN gullibility and their lack of basic fact checking:



Finance Minister Choe Kwang-Jin order all assets of U.S. President Obama frozen in response to braggartly aggressions against DPRK.

"Braggartly?" You think CNN might have gotten a clue here but noooooo. They fell for it hook, line, and sinker. Later they had to post a correction for being so incredibly gullible:

Note: An earlier version of this story included a tweet from what was actually a parody account. CNN regrets the error.


To get an idea of how ridiculous CNN was for citing the parody tweet, it is necessary to take a look at a sampling of other @DPRK_News tweets:





Note to CNN "fact" checkers: The tweets above were parodies. Please do not cite or your errors will be forever preserved on a rigid 3.5 inch computer memory disk.