E.D. Hill's Fox Contract Not Renewed: Fired Over Obama Comment?

TVNewser has an exclusive on the final fate of invisible Fox personality E.D. Hill today. Fox has decided not to renew E.D.'s contract, so she will be finally leaving the Fox News Channel after being off the air since June.

Some may remember the left-media storm targeting E. D. Hill that occurred back on June 6 when she off handedly said that Barack and Michelle's on stage fist bump was a "terrorist fist jab." The Huffington Post and Media Matters raised a storm of protest and soon after, E.D. Hill lost her Fox show.

Well, it seems to have taken some time, but as TVNewser reports Fox has announced they are not going to renew Hill's contract when it expires early in 2009.

SVP of Programming Bill Shine tells TVNewser that he "chose not to renew E.D.'s latest contract" but noted that "Hill has been a valued contributor to the success of FNC over the years, and we wish her all the best."

Hill officially apologized for the remark soon after the incident in June.

(Photo credit: Fox News)

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