'American Carol' Filmmakers NOT Proclaiming Conspiracy

Once again, we see the long knives sharpened against the right by employing innuendo and outright lies. This time it is against the movie "An American Carol." On Tuesday, I reported that there was some concern that ticket sales for the movie were being diverted to other movies at certain theaters across the country. But, I never said there was a "conspiracy" to do so.

The filmmakers also attempted to do some detective work to find out the veracity of the claims. But they didn't call it a conspiracy either. Apparently simply asking the question, though, is too much for Wonkette and Huffington Post to handle. They had to gin it up as some wild-eyed claim of a "conspiracy" on our part.

In the blog's typical unprofessional style, Wonkette claimed the filmmakers are saying some great, leftist conspiracy is destroying the movie. The next day, an entry at the Huffington Post asserted the same thing. From there the lefty blogs took over to add to the din. Unfortunately for their hyperbole, the movie folks never asserted any such thing (for that matter, neither did I).

In fact, the folks that produced "An American Carol" went so far as to take down their page offering movie goers a place to report the incorrect ticket sales. I have been told by a spokesman from Mpower pictures that they had no intention of claiming there was some nationwide conspiracy being mounted against their film and that they will not be making any further public comments for the time being. But, there have been reports from many theaters that, among other things, fans have been handed tickets stubs from other movies instead of from the movie they came to see. It was the responsible thing to do, in my opinion, to give fans a place to report the matter if they felt they had been one of those defrauded.

The concern here is if individual theaters or their employees were purposefully crediting ticket sales to films other than what should be credited. Concerns ranged from cineplexes showing the movie not placing the title on marquees, to ticket sales being credited to other films. Also, some theaters had the rating of the film incorrect -- showing an "R" rating instead of the proper "PG13" -- some theaters did not mention the film in recorded movie time phone messages even when the theater was showing the film, and tickets not being offered for sale on-line at individual theaters.

This isn't the first time, though, such a thing has happened to politically charged products. Spike Lee has for decades complained about these sort of things, yet no one is attacking him for saying the same thing. And, we all have heard time and again the reports that books published by conservative radio and TV personalities have been hidden in books stores so that sales are hindered. Rush, Hannity, O'Reilly, they have all seen reports of this sort of thing.

Even so, no one is claiming that the booksellers are secretly conspiring to hinder book sales. What we are saying is that there are many millions of people out there that are not above taking it upon themselves to defraud or hinder the sales of politically charged products like books and movies. This is the case with "An American Carol." If lone employees or individual theater owners are pulling a fast one on the film, it should be exposed. But, no one is saying there is some vast left-wing conspiracy going on.

In any case, do go see "Carol." It's an enjoyable romp with the right message that deserves our support. And don't listen to these untruths emanating from people that hate the movie solely for its political motivations. Don't forget to buy it on DVD when it comes out, too!

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