Theaters Defrauding Ticket Sales From 'An American Carol' Film?

An American Carol debuted this past weekend and there have been some disturbing reports that ticket sales for the film have been fraudulently credited to other films in cineaplexes all across the country. The rumors are so persistent that the American Carol folks have added a section to their website for movie-goers to report the fraud. The filmmakers are reporting that at least 10 theaters are being investigated for this fraudulent practice.

So, if you have attended this film and happen to still have you ticket stubs, take a look at them to see if you were credited with having paid to attend the right movie.

There has also been a few reports by Eric Odom that some venues have incorrectly identified the rating for the film as sporting an "R" rating instead of the proper "PG-13" that the film rating board actually gave it.

We'll have to keep an eye on this situation, but it wouldn't surprise me if it turned out that certain people are trying to doom this film.

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