Obama Gets His Own Wedding Anniversary Wrong

So, The One was in front of his subjects of the Black Congressional Caucus in D.C. and was wowing them with the mellifluous tones of his oratory and there stood the little missus. There was that mean Mama all a flutter over her man -- you know, the one that made her proud of America for the very first time? -- and the messiah deigned to notice her across the room.

The One thought to bring her before the enraptured crowd and let everyone know that the Dear Leader was having his 15th Anniversary with Michelle the Angry. “She just about has me trained. Almost. I still do stupid things she tells me sometimes," he jests.

What a wonderful day. A 15th wedding anniversary... well, maybe Barack is a bit late with that celebration? You see, he is supposed to be celebrating his 16th wedding anniversary, not his 15th. From October of 1992 to October 2008 is 16 for most of us.

Oh, these things happen. Especially to men, let's face it. Many, many men throughout time have forgotten little details like, Valentine's Day, anniversaries, birthdays... men sometimes don't have a mind for these dates so important to women. So, to be fair, we cannot do much else but chuckle at this little slip.

But, here is the thing. If John McCain had made such a glaring error the Old Media would be crucifying him over it. He and his wife would be the butt of jokes on every late-might TV talk show, would be portrayed as a doddering, senile old fool by every barely listened to PACIFICA or Air America host, and would be the hottest topic of ridicule from all the partisan pseudo-analysts in every medium from pulp to electronics.

And guess what?

Obama is getting a pass.

It's hard for the media to even see daylight anymore they are so in the tank.

(Photo credit: http://obamawho.wordpress.com)

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