AP Attacks Palin for Not Being in Alaska During Campaign

The AP is suddenly alarmed that no one is "running Alaska" while Palin is out on the stump with John McCain, so much so that they've published a piece wondering if Alaska is about to sink into the icy grip of the Alaskan tundra, or something, because Palin isn't there. One wonders if the AP is all upset that no one is in Congress representing certain districts of Illinois or Delaware with Obama and Biden roaming the countryside instead of sitting in the Senate? One wonders if the AP has even noticed that Obama has spent less than 200 days in the Senate since he took his seat in that august body in 2005? Talk about rudderless! Talk about short-shrifting the representation of constituents!

The AP is all about the wringing of hands because Palin has been absent from the Alaska governor's office for the last three weeks. I guess the AP isn't aware that Alaska has a Lt. Governor? But, let's face it, the AP doesn't care about Alaska at all because this article is only a thinly disguised excuse to slam Palin for not running to the press to fawn over them and cater to their every need.

Most of this piece is centered on the way McCain and Palin are trying to control the Palin message, as opposed to any real worry that Alaska is running rudderless. In fact, this AP smear piece is a bait and switch, not really about what it seems to be about.

The AP even basically starts out with a lie:

The McCain campaign is speaking for the Alaska state government these days, especially when it wants to ensure that nothing embarrassing about Gov. Sarah Palin emerges before Election Day.

This is simply untrue. The McCain campaign is NOT "speaking for the Alaska state government." Heading off Democrat dirty tricks in Alaska and responding to media distortions in the rest of the country does not equate to "speaking for" the Alaska state government.

The Alaska governor's office told AP that there are no major policy decisions pending and that the guv's staff is engaged in writing up next year's budget. They also assure AP that they have been in contact with Palin when need be.

So, in the final analysis, there has been no crisis in leadership in Alaska over the last three weeks. It isn't like she's been on the stump since 2004 like some other politicians that has left his post for months and months on end!

I also wonder if the Associated Press has ever written a story on any other presidential candidate who was running for president as a sitting governor? Did they worry that New Mexico was falling apart without Bill Richardson at the helm while he was running for the Democratic nod? Did they wonder if Arkansas was about to go sink beneath the waves while Bill Clinton cruised the country for... well, I guess for votes, but for "other" things, as well?

I would be surprised if they had.

(Photo credit: Fox News/AP)

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