Outrageous: Fake ebay Listing Selling Palin's Baby Trig as 'Political Prop'

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This one was all over the net yesterday. Apparently, a poster at the radical nutroot site, DemocraticUnderground, created a fake listing for someone pretending to sell baby Trig on ebay. The faux listing read "Baby used prop newborn boy 3-6 months special needs," and included a description that called Governor Palin a "pushy social climber, unwilling to let pregnancy and children stand in the way of ambition." It also listed baby's Trig's father as "unknown."

Originally appearing on the DemocraticUnderground at around 1PM on September 4, by DU poster Bob Weaver, the thread was soon locked by DU moderators and the image scrubbed from the site. But not before a screen shot was taken...

No one should be surprised by the tastelessness exhibited by the extremists on DU, but one thing I found most interesting was the disgust showed by several Hillary supporters and Hillary message board websites. On Hillbuzz several commenters expressed their disgust with these sorts of tactics and the folks posting at the Hillary Clinton Forum were just as disgusted.

These sorts of juvenile antics will surely come back to bite Barack Obama. Certainly the Hillary supporters seem to find themselves farther and farther from being able to pull the lever for Obama because of the undue vitriol heaped upon Governor Palin, a strong female candidate.

For sure, Obama's surrogates are not helping his cause.

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