Ohio Judge With Posters of Che and Obama, Where's MSM Outrage?

The AP had a short newsbreak story on Lorain County Common Pleas Judge James Burge who ruled that the state must stop the method of executions in the state, saying that the "lethal injection procedure doesn't provide the quick and painless death required by Ohio law." Accompanying the short story is the picture we post here showing the judge in his office where he proudly displays two posters, one with murderer, insurrectionist and communist Che Guevara upon it and the other is the famous "Hope" poster put out by the Barack Obama campaign.

This makes one wonder about the lack of reaction to this photo seen today from the media. Let us imagine if this judge happened to be considered a conservative. Supposing this judge had a poster of a right-wing dictator -- maybe even Hitler -- displayed side-by-side with a John McCain for president poster or a George W. Bush poster. So, what would the media be doing today should such a picture coupling McCain with a murderous, oppressor on the right be making the rounds? Who can doubt that the media would be completely out of it's mind (and rightfully so, by the way) about a judge that would seem to be celebrating a right-wing dictator?

Yet, here we have a judge, a public official, proudly showing fealty to a monster of the left, Che Guevara, a man that despised the U.S. and everything it stands for, without the media raising even a whimper! In fact, they publish it as if this judge deserved to be given respect.

My comparison between Che and Hitler is exact, too, even as Che wasn't quite up to the criminal totality of Adolf Hitler, it wasn't because he didn't want to be, it was just because he didn't have the power to be a Hitler redux.

If you need any other proof that the media is blind to the anti-Americanism that is leftism, this is it.


I want to clarify a point here. I have had someone question what I mean about Hitler being a "right-wing dictator." My use of Hitler was in response to how the media would see an opposite of a Che Guevara type. I am not implying that Hitler was a conservative, or right-wing. Hitler's ideology is clearly the perfect example of the ultimate destination of leftist thought. He was a socialist, and the quintessential left-winger, not a conservative.

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