Democrat Admits Democrats Lied About Stopping War, Will MSM Cover Story?

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The Hill is reporting that Rep. Paul Kanjorski (D-Pa.) told an audience at a town meeting that the Democratic Party was basically lying when they said they'd stop the war if they were elected as the majority during the 2006 midterms. One would think that such an explosive admission would be all over the news? Amazingly, this news is rather hushed.

In an August, 2007 video posted on You-Tube on May 22nd, Kanjorski is seen saying that Democrats "stretched the facts" when they said they would stop the war after winning the majority.


Now, I'll tell you my impression. We really in this last election -- when I say "we," the Democrats -- I think pushed it as far as we can to the envelope. We didn’t say it, but we implied it, that if we won the congressional elections, we could stop the war.

Now, anybody who’s a good student of government would know it wasn't true. But you know, the temptation to want to win back the Congress, we sort of stretched the facts.

The GOP responded with a perfectly formulated reply for a change.

"For Paul Kanjorski to admit that Democrats campaigned in ’06 on a fraudulent agenda to end the war not only exposes his own calculated efforts to fool the voters of his district, but it also raises the question of whether this was a coordinated effort by the Democratic Party as a whole," said a spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee, Ken Spain. "Paul Kanjorski should be ashamed of himself for using our troops in harm's way as political pawns for his own partisan agenda."

For his part, Kanjorski tried to weasel his way out of having admitted that his party lied about their ability and desire to end the war by trying to make it seem like he was talking "in frustration" that the Dems had not ended the war instead of admitting they were lying about doing so.

“In an August 2007 town meeting, I shared the frustration of my constituents that the war in Iraq continued," he said. "I expressed my belief that some Democrats in 2006 overestimated the ability of a single house of Congress to end the war, particularly in the face of an intransigent President and Senate Republicans who are committed to continuing the war."

No, Rep. Kanjorski. You were not saying the Democrats "overestimated" their "ability" to end the war you were saying they were LYING about stopping the war. Nice try at spinning, but no cigar, Monica.

This goes to show that the first casualty of Democrat Party politics is the truth. And where is the rest of the media on this story? Unsurprisingly, nowhere to be seen.

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