Daily Kos Photoshop Depicts Michelle Obama Being Tortured by Klan Members

**Shocking Image Below the Fold**

Yesterday, Barack Obama began crying again. Someone should remind him... there's no crying in politics. He has whined that we can't use his middle name, he has whined when we bring up his close relations with aging hippy terrorists, that we ask aloud about his "spiritual mentor," the racist Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and now he is crying that we are highlighting the anti-American statements made by his wife as she campaigns for him all across the country. So, on Monday he whined "lay off my wife." Well, fast on the heels of Obama telling us we can't use the anti-American statements of his wife as a campaign issue we get the kiddies over at the DailyKos doing their best to "help" Barack Obama by making an image of Michelle Obama hanging from a tree with robbed KKK figures torturing her with a branding iron and claiming that this is the "NEW IMPROVED" GOP strategy. So much for the subtleties and civility that Barack claims he wants, eh?

Even more damning, Kos pulled the entire post off the website, photoshopped image of Michelle as KKK victim and all. Little Green Footballs has a great screen shot of the original post, but here is the original photoshopped image:

This whole thing of Obama constantly whining that everyone is "attacking" him makes him look like such a weakling. What does he think will happen? As the old saying goes, politics ain't beanbag. This is a tough fight for all the marbles, not a tea party.

First of all, Barack is seeming like the tiny fellow on the playground that has found out that if he always yells as if he was hurt by someone, he can get everyone else in trouble. This unseemly, spineless whining would be amusing were it not showing to a hostile world that one of our candidates for president can't take the heat of a campaign, much less the harsh world he'll meet should he become president. Barack's weakness reflects on us all and puts us all at risk in a dangerous world, unfortunately.

Second of all, Michelle Obama is the one that put herself in the spotlight by loudly campaigning for her husband. This makes her fair game. After all, it isn't like she is sitting home quietly rooting for her hubby to take the White House while we eeeevil Republicans attack her. It just isn't sensible that Barack can send this woman out who isn't proud of her country, that hates the capitalist system and wants people not to send their kids into it, and that thinks her own country is "mean," yet expects no one to comment on the anti-American garbage she constantly spews on a daily basis. Who wears the pants in that family anyway? It sure doesn't look like it's Barack.

Lastly, this is just one more incident to show the distemper and incivility that is de rigueur on leftist sites like the Daily Kos. It isn't just BDS that has them in a tizzy, it is the entire scene of politics. Their fascist tendency to cast civility and seriousness to the four winds in search of a political win has damaged the Democrat Party far more than anything the conservatives have ever done to them.

Of course, it is a good thing that Kos pulled this disgusting, ignorant diary from his site. But, the sad thing is that there are so many of his members that imagine that putting such hatred up in the first place is no big deal.

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